MSSW Student Spotlight: Chyna Angelini

Chyna AngeliniChyna Angelini, a MSSW student from Louisville, KY, began as a psychology major when she graduated from her undergraduate program.  However, after talking to mentors, and her research lab manager she soon discovered that social work aligned more with her professional goals. “I was known to be “passionate,” “an advocate,” and to “speak up” when I notice issues.”  Angelini had heard positive feedback about the Kent School of Social Work MSSW program and knew that she wanted to help people, so she decided to apply. I considered all these things and thought what is the worst that could happen and gave it a shot.”

Some of her favorite classes have been SW 602 and SW 622 (policy classes), SW 603 (social justice), SW 668 (advance research), SW 642 (psychopathology), and SW 633 (human sexuality). “I loved the content; but loved the teachers more…the way they explain the material made it even more interesting, it truly aided in my learning.”

In the future, Chyna wants to work with families; specifically, families of color but other families as well to provide psychoeducational resources/programs about trauma, relationships, family dynamics, stress management, coping mechanisms, mindfulness activities, etc. She wants to improve the parent/caregiver child relationship, and help families understand how trauma and our histories have a direct effect on our behavior and relationships. “I do not know what exactly this is called, but I do know I enjoy doing this research and would love to bring this information to the community.”