MSCFT/MSSW Student Spotlight: Zoe Schaver

Zoe SchaverZoe Schaver, a MSCFT/MSSW double major, has lived her entire life in Louisville, apart from spending her undergraduate years in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  Zoe enjoys yoga and barre classes and attends Unity of Louisville. “If I had more time, I would love to be more active in student activist groups.”

She chose to attend the Kent School of Social Work for several reasons. “My mom went to Kent and had great things to say! Also, I deeply love Louisville and wanted to attend school in my home city so that I could get more familiar with what social work looks like here.” Zoe, a fellow with the American Psychological Association’s Interdisciplinary Minority Fellowship Program, had thought about becoming a journalist before deciding that she wanted to connect with people in a more meaningful way and decided to pursue social work.  “I chose the social work route to become a therapist because I strongly believe that you can’t fully understand people without understanding social systems and institutional oppression.”

Zoe is pursuing both MSCFT and MSSW degrees. “I chose both because I want to be a strong advocate for social justice in my career, but I also knew that the MSCFT program offers in-depth training for direct clinical practice, as well as a network of peer support through the CFT cohort.”  Currently some of her favorite classes at Kent are psychopathology and couple therapy because she finds the content to be fascinating, live supervision class because she has learned a lot from her peers and supervisor who she says is supportive, and Contemporary Issues in CFT because the instructor brings in speakers from different backgrounds.

In the future, Zoe is hoping to find work that will combine or pull from her passions for community-based work, couple and family work, work with adolescents, prison reform and abolition, substance use treatment, trauma-informed practice, and spirituality.