Kent School Receives Second Annual Savings Award Recognition

The Kent School recently received the Second Annual Savings Award at the FY24 Kickoff Meeting, held on January 25th. This annual meeting is held by the Budget and Finance office to discuss the previous year's budget and prepare the next fiscal year's budget. Rick Graycarek,CFO, VP Budget, and Finance Office presented the Kent School with the Savings Award.

The award demonstrates the cost savings in general funds that were able to be rolled into a savings account to prepare for the next year which is vital this year considering the tuition shortfall.

“This is a great accomplishment under our current climate at the university, Elana has demonstrated extraordinary leadership,” said Tammy Spencer, Unit Business Manager Senior.

The Savings Award is one of four awards given by the Office of Budget and Finance. Last year, the budget office began giving away four different recognition awards due to the new budget model.

The awards and recipients for this year are:  The Perennial Plant Fund Award (Student Affairs), Annual Savings Award (Kent), Annual Endowment Award, (Music & EVPRI), and Revenue Bullseye Award (A&S). 

These are the areas of focus for the budget office.