Kent School Celebrates Pride with new banner on Patterson Hall

LOUISVILLE, KY. — On Friday, November 17, 2017, the Kent School of Social Work installed a Celebrate Pride Banner on Patterson Hall, facing the corner of 3rd Street and Eastern Parkway.  This banner is symbolic of our commitment to championing LGBTQ+ issues, promoting LGBTQ+ rights and affirming LGBTQ+ identities.

We recognize the continued efforts to marginalize this community through oppressive policies and hateful rhetoric. We recognize the suicide rate among our LGBTQ+ youth has reached epidemic proportions. We recognize the disproportionate rate of Black and Latinx trans women being murdered annually, in Louisville and nationwide. Committed in our efforts to promote racial justice, we chose the inclusive rainbow launched by the city of Philadelphia’s Office of LGBTQ Affairs
during Pride Month of 2017, that includes black and brown stripes.

As an ally to the LGBTQ+ community, Kent School sends a strong message saying you belong and we will fight for you! Please join us at Noon on Monday, November 27th at the corner of 3rd Street and Eastern Parkway for a commemoration ceremony to Celebrate Pride. This event will also broadcast on Facebook.

Pictures from the event:

pride banner