Kent Faculty and Staff Members Receive UofL Student Champion Recognition

Congratulations to the following Kent faculty and staff who were recognized by the University President's office for being "Student Champions":

Danette Baker, Coordinator
Dr. Anita Barbee, Professor
Paul Bliss, Lecturer
Rebecka Bloomer, Coordinator
Jennifer Bobo, Instructor Term
Connie Cox, Coordinator
Carl Enoch, Lecturer
Helen Feltham, Lecturer
Jocelyn Fetalver, Instructor Term
Michelle Giese, Coordinator
Barbara Gordon, Program Director
Matthew Harris, Lecturer
Nicolette Henderson, Lecturer
Melissa Johnson, Lecturer
Dr. Cheri Langley, Program Manager, Lecturer
Lawrence Michalczyk, Instructor Term
Dr. Sharon Moore, Professor
Lori Paris, Lecturer
Dr. Susan Rhema, Lecturer
Sharon Sanders, Instructor Term
Dr. Bibhuti Sar, Professor
Dr. Heather Storer, Assistant Professor
Dr. Andrew Winters, Associate Professor

The University reached out to students at the close of this spring semester and asked them to submit the names of faculty and staff members they believe went above and beyond their duties to provide exceptional or critical support to them during the pandemic. The names of these faculty and staff members were mentioned by several students to have fit this criteria.

"Student Champions" demonstrated commitment to students during the pandemic that students said helped them feel a sense of belonging and confidence in their educational pursuits during the pandemic.

The University will formally recognize their contributions with a certificate.