JCPS Early Childhood Mental Health Services - Supplement Award

In September 2019, our research team was contacted by the IES Project Officer of our current Preschool First Step Next (FSN) study requesting we submit a proposal to better understand the long-term impacts of the intervention.  Funded in October 2019, the purpose of the supplement is to examine long-term effects on behavioral and academic outcomes as well as investigate contextual factors (e.g., special education status) impacting outcomes. For this follow-up, we will re-consent all the families that completed our current study (N = 87) in the first year. We will also consent each child’s teacher each year.  We will ask the caregiver and teacher for each student complete a brief survey to assess parent- and teacher-reported social and behavior outcomes each year to bolster our longitudinal data. Our primary data collection for this follow-up study will focus on participating students’ outcomes during their 3rd grade year.  The 3rd grade data collection will include (a) school records review (e.g., state assessments, attendance, IEP status, behavioral reports), (b) direct measure of language/academics called Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test (PPVT), and (c) parent interview including services and other contextual factors.  

Dr. Andy Frey