Drs. Anna Faul and Joe D’Ambrosio obtain Lifestyle Medicine certifications from American College of Lifestyle Medicine


By Clare Field

Faul and DAmbrosioDrs. Anna Faul, Executive Director of the Trager Institute and Kent faculty, and Joe D’Ambrosio, Wellness Director of the Trager Institute, obtain Lifestyle Medicine certifications from American College of Lifestyle Medicine.  At the Trager Institute and Republic Bank Foundation Optimal Aging Clinic, Drs. Faul and D’Ambrosio work to further the organization’s mission of creating an integrative, holistic health care system where professionals of different disciplines (behavioral health, social work, medicine, nursing, pharmacy) work together to create care plans that address the whole-health of the patient.

Lifestyle medicine also focuses on an integrative approach to health care. Lifestyle medicine is the use of a whole food, plant-predominant dietary lifestyle, regular physical activity, restorative sleep, stress management, avoidance of risky substances and positive social connection as a primary therapeutic modality for treatment and reversal of chronic disease.

By obtaining their certifications in lifestyle medicine, Drs. Faul and D’Ambrosio can help lead the Trager Institute and Optimal Aging Clinic one step closer to fulfilling its integrative health care mission. Their certifications add credential to the holistic health services offered at the Institute and Clinic, such as acupuncture, tai chi, yoga, and support groups, in addition to traditional medicine.

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