Dr. Stephanie Grace Prost and OAK Study featured in the Progressive Magazine

The Progressive, an online and print magazine that focuses on social justice issues has recently published an article, “The image of Dr. ProstGraying of Mass Incarceration,” in which Dr. Stephanie Grace Prost is quoted. The article discusses how prisons are not suited to care for the aging population of inmates health care needs and the unique challenges they face. Links to additional information regarding the Older Adults in Kentucky State Prisons (OAK) Study are also cited in the article.

The OAK Study identifies and describes the health, quality of life, and justice-related experiences of older adults; and, the strengths and barriers of programming and services for these men and women in Kentucky state prisons. The OAK Study was conducted by Dr. Prost, Dr. Adrian Archuleta and Dr. Seana Golder. The article "The Graying of Mass Incarceration" is available online here.