BSW Student Spotlight: Anthony Potter

Anthony Potter, a BSW senior from Louisville, with a double major in biology initially decided to pursue social work as a major because he wanted to be a therapistAnthony Potter while learning more about social issues, injustices, etc. and what he could do to help his clients, or anyone that faces social injustice.

Potter says that his most interesting social work class has been SW 307, Social Justice Practice, with Dr. Andrew Winters. “The course challenged my peers and I to really prove that we understood how the privileges we do/don't have will affect our practice with various clients, how to prevent our various identities and statuses from harming our ability to serve our future clients as well as how to be open-minded and critical of our advantages and disadvantages in society. It continues to open my mind to the roles we play in perpetuating systems of injustice in society while empowering me to work against them.”

When not in class, Anthony is active on campus mostly involved with the PEACC Center, where he has been a volunteer for the past three years.  He is also part of UofL's Botanical Society.

Potter is interested in a future career path that involves his interests in social justice, and biology research.  “Ideally, I would like to advocate for the rape kit backlog by researching new testing kits that 1) can be tested faster to reduce the wait for evidence in court and reduce the trauma associated with the prolonged wait for justice and 2) are less expensive to test, so that justice for sexual violence is not further limited by the expense of testing a kit. I'm currently finishing a bachelor's in Biology as well to prepare me for this kind of research.”

To new students who are thinking about majoring in social work, Anthony advises them to do what they can to connect with other students in their courses, especially if they have a significant number of online classes. “Having a support system of students from your classes will be a vital resource for new students and many of their peers in comprehending difficult papers, projects, etc. and in helping to get through any difficult circumstances during school. Working with your peers is - in my opinion - the best resource UofL has to offer and will only help develop someone as a future social worker!”