BSW Student Spotlight: Heather Lind

Heather LindBSW Student, Heather Lind, from Whitesburg, KY is currently a Junior in upper-division social work courses. She is actively involved with her children’s activities in marching band and soccer and loves cooking diverse culinary meals for family and friends. “Cooking is a big stress-reliever for me. My other hobbies include exercising any chance I get and just spending quality time with my family. My family is a big part of my life.”

Heather decided to major in social work because she was interested in helping people and learning about diverse cultures. “My goal is to become a clinical therapist that works with families and children on behavioral health wellbeing. I know I'll be working with diverse populations with different values and cultures. Focusing on social work will enhance my understanding of the world around me to better assist clients of any background.” 

 Lind chose to pursue her degree in social work online because she lives in an area that does not have access to nearby social work education programs. “I am able to continue to work and provide for my family because of this opportunity. I chose Kent because the social work program has pathways that will lead me to be able to specialize in mental health while learning how to provide full services for my future clients. Online classes also allow me to have flexibility with my coursework.”  

One of the courses Heather has found very interesting so far in her studies is Social Work Policy. “The policy class may seem daunting at first. By engaging in each week's lessons, I have found that all the content comes together, and much learning has been accomplished. I was scared about my policy class and assumed I would not enjoy it. Surprisingly, I have found that Professor Enoch's lessons to be engaging. I now appreciate how macro policies can affect clients at a micro-level. As social workers, we can better serve clients by participating in advocacy.” 

In the future, Heather’s dream is to be a therapist as a clinical social worker. “I want to work in a school-based setting providing mental health services to children and adolescents. I hope to work with students to overcome behavioral, emotional, or social problems that interfere with their success at school. I feel that many children struggle in academics due to an undiagnosed mental illness. These children could be pushed to the side or put in special education classes. They deserve to become their best selves, and I want to be an advocate and an agent of change for them.” 

Lind finds the work as an online student to be interesting and challenging.  When asked if she had any advice for prospective students she says, “Each week brings on a new wave of learning. You must stay focused and not get behind; you need to be organized and motivated. In the end, we will be able to improve the lives of individuals, families, communities, and society.”