Twenty-eight Kent Faculty and Staff Members Recognized as Student Champions

Congratulations to the following Kent faculty and staff who were recognized by the University President's office for being "Student Champions"

Becky Antle
Adrian Archuleta
Anita Barbee
Linda Bledsoe
Paul Bliss
Jennifer Bobo
Crystal Collins-Camargo
Shantel Crosby
Shelby Eisenback
Carl Enoch
Jocelyn Fetalver
Judith Frame
Robin George
Barbara Gordon
Martin Hall
Lesley Harris
Matthew Harris
Thomas Lawson
Maya Lynum-Walker
William “Tony” Mathis
Pat McKiernan
Shawnise Miller
Lori Paris
Stephanie Grace Prost
Susan Rhema
Bibhuti Sar
Rebecca “Becky” Smith
Heather Storer

The "Student Champion" recognition gives students the opportunity before the close of the spring semester to recognize any faculty or staff member who went above and beyond for them in creating meaningful educational experiences and helping them overcome challenges. Over 500 faculty and staff member names were submitted. In comparison to other university-wide employee awards, this is the only recognition effort that allows students to select any faculty or staff member they believe enhanced their educational experience.

According to the Office of the Executive Vice President and University Provost, students remain committed to their studies at the University of Louisville when they know their success is our priority. A supportive community, close relationships with instructors and classmates, dedicated advisors and highly engaging classes and activities are among the pillars of student success. The support, dedication and relationships Student Champions developed with students this year were vital to student success and our university’s mission.

The University will formally recognize their contributions with a certificate this summer.