2022 Champions For Change Student Spotlight: Javoughn Brown-Lewis, MSSW and MSCFT student

2022 Champions Student Javoughn Brown-Lewis

by Diandre Glover Thomas

Javoughn Brown-Lewis, from Louisville, is in his third and final year of a MSSW and MSCFT dual degree program. Javoughn says he always dreamed of attending the Kent School and studying for his MSSW even prior to his enrollment in undergrad. “At the core of my being is service, community, and youth! It has always been my dream to be a mental health clinician, so an LCSW was the route I chose to take! The MSCFT program had fallen in my lap! On the day specialization applications were due in November 2019 I found out we had to call hospice for my grandmother and in that moment, I rushed to the hospital. So I initially missed out on gaining a specialization. Fast forward to February of 2020 I was in email correspondence with my field placement liaison and she considered I reach out to the heads of the specializations and CC’d all of us on an email. Dr. Sterrett-Hong replied and suggested I apply for the degree track. I seized the opportunity and was accepted into the program after my interview with Dr. Karam.” 

In his free time Javoughn enjoys poetry, painting, cooking, and reading.  In addition to his graduate studies, he also has a job with the Mayor’s office and in the past he was involved in campus activities such as serving as the 2020-2021 Kent School Student Association President and he was a Student Research Assistant for the College of Public Health 2020-2021. Javoughn says his most interesting social work class has been SW 641 – Social Justice Policy taught by Dr. Heather Storer. “This class was the most interesting because it weaved together the micro effects of macro practice and how we as a nation breed inequity and social inequality.”

In the future, Javoughn is interested in teaching and becoming a therapist. “I would like to be a full time professor teaching what I love and work as a therapist doing contract work or obtaining a small caseload under my own licensed agency. I would like to pursue a doctoral degree and teach clinicians because I can effect many more people being an educator to clinicians and also adding to the field of research and academia. I also love therapy and conducting therapy and helping people come into their full potential.”

When asked if he had any advice for students interested in studying social work or couple and family therapy, Javoughn said, I would tell them: follow your dreams despite naysayers, find the gap in services and fill it, be creative, don’t do something unless you love it, intentionally invest in your personal and professional life, and get a therapist!

Javoughn is the Kent School of Social Work and Family Science 2022 Champions for Change Student speaker at this year's event. Tune in to the Champions for Change program on Friday, March 25, at 11:00 am to hear more from Javoughn in the virtual program. 

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