2022 Champions for Change PhD Student Spotlight: Ashley Logsdon

2022 Champions Logsdon

by Diandre Glover Thomas

Ashley Logsdon, from Louisville, is in her second year of studies in the PhD program. Ashley is a first-generation college student and entered her undergraduate program with the intention of becoming a pediatric oncologist. However, after a few years as a biology student, and shadowing a few practitioners, she decided that she didn’t want to be a medical doctor. “I knew that I wanted a job that would allow me to help children and families in a direct way and I had no idea that child welfare or social work was expansive or versatile.” After speaking with a representative from the Kent School at a majors fair she applied to the BSW program and the PCWCP program.

In her free time Ashley enjoys walking, hiking, and running with her dog, baking, yoga, and reading. The doctoral student is actively involved with extracurricular activities. She is a student member of the Kent School Budget Committee, Treasurer of the Kent School Alumni Council (BSW ’17 and MSSW ’20), and member of the Metro United Way Ready 4 K Alliance.  In addition to her studies, she also works as a Graduate Research Assistant for the Center for Family and Community Well-Being, consulting with Drs Antle, Barbee, & Hall for James Bell Associates, Inc. and Identification and Care of Children with Prenatal Alcohol and Other Drug Exposures, funded by the Centers for Disease Control and the Children’s Bureau.

One of her favorite courses in the PhD program is her Advanced Research Design and Analysis sequence, “the 2nd course has been the most interesting because you don’t get to do a lot of research as a social worker. This has been the first time that I have really been able to dive into research and statistics and this course, as well as Drs. Lawson and Rote, re-affirmed my love for statistics.”

In the future, Logsdon would like to work at a research institution or a social work/social service-oriented think tank and help advance child welfare research. “Working as a frontline child welfare worker, I was able to make an impact with families on a micro and mezzo level. Hopefully, by working in research I will be able to flip that and by working in a macro position, I can make a change on a wider level. There are a lot of great initiatives happening in Kentucky and in the United States right now in child welfare and I can’t wait to be a part of them!”

When asked if she had any advice for students considering studying social work, Ashley said, “This seems cliché but get involved in as many ways as you can! After completing volunteer assignment in SW 201, I knew in my heart that gerontology was not for me. If you have the chance to experience multiple practicums – pick different types – pick one that is micro focused and one that is macro. Or pick two different fields! My MSSW practicum was with the agency that I work with now and I am able to work with 20 different community agencies through grants and research projects, many of which are child welfare oriented.  

Social work is more than just child protective services! Though I was a CPS worker for practice and we do need more workers, you can do so many things with a social work degree!”

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