Dr. Lesley Harris and Kyoungmee Byun Art Advocacy Exhibition to be Displayed in Seoul, Korea

Dr. Lesley Harris and co-researcher Kyoungmee Byun have been accepted to conduct an art-advocacy exhibition at Space XX Gallery in Seoul, Korea this summer. The photovoice exhibition, entitled "Our World Our Say" from the Asia Institute Crane House in Louisville will join forces with two other artists for a combined exhibition entitled, "The Landscape of a Crisis."

"The Landscape of Crisis" organized by Dr. Boyoung Chang, Jaewook Lee, Kyoungmee Byun, and Dr. Lesley Harris will take place from June 26, 2021, to July 19, 2021. The exhibition will present how contemporary Asian art visualizes a time of devastation. The exhibition consists of synesthetic contemporary artworks that deal with issues in Asia. While the artists in the exhibition are not interested in showing the violence and direct human sufferings, they suggest ways to experience those tragedies empathetically and construct historical memories. Not only they combine the visual with cognitive neuroscience, data analysis, sound, and music, the diverse formats— art photography, vernacular photography, installation, and video—encourage the audience to engage the body and have a phenomenological experience. Beyond geographical borders, the exhibition is echoed by contemporary people who constantly face disastrous events on various levels.

Space XX is a contemporary art space located in Seoul, Korea, presenting various art exhibitions and projects. Space XX is located in the heart of Seoul’s thriving international art scene and is an important institution for promoting promising contemporary Korean artists. Founded in 2016, Space XX has presented over 35 exhibitions of notable artists, including Choi Sung Rok, Kim Siha, Roh Sean, and Yoo Naul, among many others.