Prerequisites offered by Kent School of Social Work and Family Science Continuing Education Program

Please Note: We will be discontinuing these courses beginning January 1, 2023.  All students registered must complete courses by March 31st 2023 in order to receive credit.  

Kent School’s Continuing Education online classes

We offer 3 prerequisite courses online:

Each course:

  • is especially designed to provide content that has relevance to social work and the social sciences.
  • may be started immediately after registration (Registration takes 3-5 Business days)
  • is expected to be less labor intensive than a traditional college course
  • is taken on a pass/fail basis (You do not receive a letter grade for this course, you receive a certificate of completion )
  • is taken completely online with no assignments and no scheduled virtual meeting dates.
  • is offered at the low rate of $225

*Please Note:  These courses do not appear on official transcripts. These are taken on a pass fail basis.  You will receive a certificate of completion once you have completed and passed the course.  You will need to get prior approval from your university that they will accept our prerequisite courses. 

Registration: You must register for courses online. Please click on course above to register.  You must submit payment at time of registration. Once you have registered, a temporary account will be sponsored for you in order to access course materials.  You will receive an email containing your log in credentials 7 - 10 business days after registration and payment. You will have 3 months to complete these courses.  Your due date will begin once provided with your log in credentials. 

Refund Policy

  • Refunds for prerequisite courses will not be given 30 days after registration or if individual has accessed course materials in Blackboard.
  • A refund may be issued within 30 days after registration if an error has been made regarding required courses. An official letter must me sent from an academic advisor or proof of enrollment must be provided.
  • If you do not receive a passing score , you will need to re-register and pay for the course again. Refunds will not be given if you do not pass the course.          

For More Information Regarding the Structure of the course, Please review Prerequisite FAQ’s

Additional questions?  Please contact Jessica Ballinger at: