MSSW Prerequisites


Requirements: Applicants must have completed a course in statistics, a course in research methodology, and a course in human biology as prerequisites for admission to the Kent School.

A student who needs any of these three may be granted a conditional admission and must successfully complete prerequisites by the end of their first semester. However, we strongly encourage completion before fall semester begins. Upon completion, the Conditional status will be removed. Any student who has prerequisites to complete will be prevented from registering for their second semester classes until proof of completion of all prerequisites has been submitted to Kent School.

Options for fulfilling prerequisites for admitted Kent School students & visiting students

Kent School’s Continuing Education online classes: We now offer all 3 prerequisite courses online.

Each course:

  • is especially designed to provide content that has relevance to social work
  • may be taken as soon as admitted and must be completed by the end of the first semester (though preferably before the first semester begins)
  • is expected to be less labor intensive than a traditional college course (these are unlike Kent’s more rigorous regular MSSW online courses)
  • is taken on a pass/fail basis
  • is completely online with no assignments
  • is offered at the low rate of $225 per course 

**If you do not receive a passing score for your prerequisite course, you will need to re-register and pay for the course again if you wish to complete. Refunds will not be given if you fail the course.

For students applying to Kent School, you must be admitted to Kent School before you can begin these online prerequisites.

For more information regarding class structure, please see the Prerequisite FAQs.


You may register for the courses either by contacting the Coordinator of Continuing Education Jessica Ballinger at, or by simply registering online by creating an account at (look at top right corner of webpage)

Note: Eligible 30-hour Advanced Standing applicants have already met all three prerequisites.

Classroom Courses at U of L: The following provides a list of classroom courses at the University of Louisville that would satisfy the research, statistics and human biology prerequisites. Kent School does not necessarily recommend these courses, but merely advises that they fulfill the requirements.







RESEARCH (1 only)

CJ 325

Psychology 302

Political Science 390

Sociology  303

Marketing 441

PADM 603

COMM 316


Research Design

Experimental Psychology

Political Research

Intro to Research Methods

Marketing Research

Policy Analysis & Program Evaluation

Research Methods


Criminal Justice


Political Science


School of Business

Public Administration



CJ 326

Psychology 301

MGMT 201

Sociology 301

ECPY 540


Quantitative Analysis

Quantitative Methods in Psychology

Business Statistics

Intro to Social Statistics

Evaluation/Measurement in Education


Criminal Justice


School of Business


College of Education


ELFH 600


Introduction to Research Methods &



College of Education


PSYC 344

SW 203

HSS 202


Physiological Psychology

Biology for Social Sciences

Human Anatomy and Physiology



Social Work

Health & Sport Sciences


Courses taken at other colleges and universities: You can request consideration of a completed course other than one listed above by emailing a copy of the course description AND course syllabus to Kent School’s MSSW program at prior to or while applying for admission.

If you are granted Conditional Admission to Kent School and you would like to take a course at another institution to satisfy a prerequisite, please send a copy of the course description and syllabus to Kent School’s MSSW program at before you take the course so a decision can be made about the appropriateness of the course.

Additionally: We encourage you to take prerequisites on a pass/fail basis for the purpose of satisfying Kent School requirements. However, the department has the right to deny a student’s request for pass/fail status. You should make this request when registering.

Documentation:When you have completed your prerequisites, send an official transcript showing completion of the prerequisites to MSSW Admissions Office, Room 11, Kent School of Social Work, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY 40292.  If a transcript is not available, such as the online continuing ed courses, send the certificate of completion to