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MSSW Staff

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Image of Shawnise Miller

Shawnise Martin Miller, Ph.D., MSSW she/her/hers
MSSW Program Director

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O: 502.852.3600 F: 502.852.0422  

As the Director of the MSSW Program, I strive to facilitate an educational environment that prepares
advanced social work practitioners as leaders to address the complexities of societal challenges within local,
state, national, and global communities. Anti-racism, anti-oppression, trauma-informed care, and social justice
are guiding frameworks. I strive to maintain a diverse student population. I utilize equity-based approaches in
my decision-making to remove educational barriers to help students achieve their academic goals.

Valerie Tackett Miller, BBA, MA she/her/hers
MSSW Program Manager, Admissions

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O: 502.852.0414 F: 502.852.0422

As the Program Manager of Admissions for the MSSW Program, I strive to create an inclusive and equitable
admissions environment where students from all walks of life feel welcomed, valued, and empowered while beginning
their pursuit of a MSSW Degree.


Jennifer Foreman she/her/hers
MSSW Program Manager, Advising

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O: 502.852.7336 F: 502.852.0422

As the MSSW Program Manager of Advising, I strategically oversee the fulfillment of programmatic initiatives through cross-functional collaborationto achieve the ultimate goal of effectively supporting all students in their pursuit of academic success.

Connie Cox, M.Ed. she/her/hers

Coordinator Academic Advising

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O: 502.852.7162F: 502.852.0422

As an Academic Coordinator/Advisor I assist students in reaching their goals. I also have the pleasure to assist
and provide guidance to our HBCU Cardinal Express to Success students as they accomplish their academic goals.

Le'Keshia Ellery

Le'Keshia Ellery, she/her/hers


Email Le'Keshia Ellery

O: 502.852.8777 | F: 502.852.0422

Michelle (Chelle) Giese she/her/hers
Coordinator Academic Advising

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O: 502.852.3606 F: 502.852.0422

As an Academic Coordinator/Advisor, I am committed to assisting students in crafting a meaningful and enriching
graduate school experience. I also enjoy fostering an inclusive and equitable environment to ensure that all students
receive the guidance and assistance they need to achieve their academic and professional aspirations.

Elle Rich

Elle Richshe/her/hers

Email Elle Rich

O: 502.852.6517 F: 502.852.0422