MSSW/Master of Divinity Dual Degree

Please send a copy of your acceptance letter from Louisville Seminary to If you are enrolled in the MSSW/MDiv dual degree program, and you need more information on alternative curriculum plans, please contact the MSSW Program Director, Shawnise Miller . A typical plan in the Divinity dual degree includes 1 year at Kent School, followed by the second year in the alternate academic school. The following is only an example of a full-time 4-year plan.

First Year


SW 601 Human Behavior & the Social Environment I

SW 602 Social Welfare Institutions, Policies & Services

SW 603 Social Justice Practice

SW 604 SW Practice I*

SW 670 Foundation SW Practicum I*


SW 619 Human Behavior & the Social Environment II

SW 622 Issues in Policy & Service Delivery

SW 626 Research Methodology & Design

SW 605 SW Practice II*

SW 671 Foundation SW Practicum II*


No courses

Second Year

Follow the standard first year curriculum at the Seminary.

Third Year


SW 641 Adv SW Practice I**

SW 640 Adv SW Practice II**

SW 668 Adv Research Practice I

SW 672 Adv SW Practicum I**


SW 677 Adv SW Practice III**

SW 669 Adv Research Practice II

SW 673 Adv SW Practicum II**

Graduate with MSSW in May

Fourth Year

Follow the standard second year curriculum at the Seminary.

*SW 604 & SW 670 (Fall) and SW 605 & SW 671 (Spring) must be taken simultaneously.

**SW 641, SW 640 & SW 672 (Fall) and SW 677 & SW 673 (Spring) must be taken simultaneously.