Dr. Thomas R. Lawson

Professor, Director of the International Studies Program

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Dr. Lawson's work is aimed at creating international collaborations that improve understanding and amelioration of social and health problems particularly at the local level.

While social work has been concerned with issues of international import (poverty, refugees, war, etc.) for many decades, there has been less emphasis on developing long lasting international university relationships that allow for mutual understanding and problem solution at the regional and local level. International exchange and transfer of knowledge is critical to addressing issues arising in communities worldwide. Individuals from diverse backgrounds interacting internationally fosters improved competence in all facets of social work practice.

Dr. Lawson’s research and scholarly activity over the past 40 years has focused on similarities and differences between cultures and under what conditions a viable transplant of ideas and programs may take place. This has led to successful two-way adaptation of approaches, models, methods, programs and education in many countries. Involving students has been a vital component in his work as they are the future of our world community.