Dr. Andy Frey

Professor, Director of Doctoral Program

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Early identification and effective treatment of children with challenging behaviors is critical to the academic mission of the education system.

Dr. Frey’s research focuses on removing barriers to learning through promotion, prevention, and treatment of children within the context of schools. These services are typically conceptualized at the primary, secondary, and tertiary levels; consistent with a public health model. Dr. Frey’s four most significant contributions have been in the areas of school-based mental health, school social work services, the First Step Next early intervention program, and motivational interviewing in school settings.

Dr. Frey has contributed to the expansion of the First Step Next intervention to be more effective for improving social competency and reducing challenging behavior for students with the most severe behavior problems and with students in preschool settings. He is the senior author of homeBase, an intervention to improve positive parenting, as well as the Motivational Interviewing Training and Assessment System -- which has a variety of school-based applications. He has a successful record of disseminating research findings, having had over 80 peer-reviewed articles and chapters accepted for publication since becoming an Assistant Professor in 2000.

Dr. Frey recently served as the PI for a goal 2 Institute for Education Sciences (IES) development grant (R324A080137/- PD/PI: Frey) and as a co-investigator for a 5- year NICHD-funded efficacy trial (1R01HD055334-01A2/- PD/ PI: Feil). He is currently serving as key personnel (PI and Co-I) on three goal IES grants (R32A150179-PD/PI: Frey and R324A150221/-PD/PI: Feil R324A190173- Co PD/PI: Scott and Frey), and serves as the lead mental health consultant for the Jefferson County Public School’s early childhood program.