Message from Dean Terry L. Singer

The Raymond A. Kent School of Social Work - Transformative Systems & Models of Care

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The Kent School of Social Work at the University of Louisville is strategically positioned within a metropolitan research university and located in the largest metropolitan area of Kentucky.  Committed to the many social challenges facing the commonwealth, the School has developed a model of research that takes shape in the region, builds new knowledge that benefits first the metropolitan area, and then goes national.  Much of the research is interventional, creating knowledge and skills of application that address many regional ills.  In its growing commitment to translational research, the University has relied on the extensive community-based knowledge and connections to advance the application of the “laboratory to the community” approach to research.

Faculty and students are working closely with the legacy of historically disadvantaged African Americans, helping to strengthen bonds of fatherhood and promoting the development of healthy relationships.  The growing communities of Hispanics and refugees from all over the world create a natural diverse laboratory in interest and connection as the School seeks new and better ways to understand cultural adaptation and healthy community development.

The challenges of chronic health problems of a poor state have created partnerships with health science disciplines that attempt to address many issues of behavioral health, equity and access to health care, and disease management.  With national experts in the fields of vulnerable children and families, the School has provided evidence-based models of intervention for many states throughout the US for issues related to child welfare, school-based issues, addiction, and other related areas of expertise.

Louisville has become the major center for national organizations involved in care for the elderly such as Humana, Kindred Health, ResCare, Signature Healthcare, Almost Family and many more.  This has created a rich learning and research environment for developing new knowledge regarding the age wave that is upon us.  A number of gerontology scholars have been drawn to the school to capitalize on the opportunities of collaboration and partnership as student interest in this area continues to grow.

Finally, with the development of the first and only endowed chair in oncology social work in the nation, the Kent School of Social Work is positioned to create a synergy with health sciences and a comprehensive cancer center to become a school of destination for those who care about the psycho-social domain for patients, families, and communities in managing cancer.  Kentucky has the highest rates of all states of many forms of cancer.  This presents a great opportunity to develop new knowledge that benefits a state hard hit by medical and related problems and create new models of care that have large scale application.

The Kent School of Social Work is at the door step of transformative systems and models of care for a multitude of social problems.  As one of the fastest growing social work programs in the country in terms of federally funded research, the School boasts a very successful faculty with an impressive portfolio of research.  We are proud to share those accomplishments with you and invite your interest to learn more about our faculty and their work.



Terry L. Singer, Ph.D.