Note From CJ Student Services Regarding Pass/Fail and Withdrawal Options 4/16/20

The deadline to change a class to pass/fail varies for some courses, so please log into ULink to see what the deadline is for your specific course. Here is a how-to video: I am also reattaching the “Should I switch to pass/fail” document.


NEW POLICY: If you are certain you may fail a course this semester, the withdrawal window has reopened until April 21st, which is next Tuesday, for regular-session courses. If you have a course that isn't following the regular semester schedule (like a lab or late start course), the deadline to withdraw is the same as the deadline to switch that course to pass/fail in ULink. As always, withdrawing from a course can impact your financial aid, so we always recommend reaching out to a Financial Aid Advisor to discuss those ramifications. You are also highly encouraged to reach out to your assigned academic advisor to discuss the impact of a withdrawal on your academic plan.

Please see below for answers to common questions about withdrawals:
How Do I Withdraw from a Class?
Log into ULink, click on the Student Services Tab, and look on the right for the Registration area and select “Drop/Withdraw From Classes.” Choose the Spring 2020 semester, check the box next to the class you want to withdraw from, and confirm it until you see the message stating you have received a grade of W for the course. If you run into issues, please contact the Registrar’s Office at 852-6522 or Remember that the deadline to withdraw is the same as the deadline to change a class to pass/fail, so please check ULink.

Does a W grade affect my GPA?
No. A grade of “W” will not have an effect on your GPA. On the other hand, an F will have a negative impact on your GPA.
What happens to my Financial Aid if I Withdraw?
That depends on your financial aid package. Please reach out to the Financial Aid Office to speak with a Financial Aid Advisor about your specific situation! Some situations will require your instructor to complete a Proof of Attendance form so you do not get penalized financially – feel free to reach out to your instructor to ask them to check for that form in their email and complete it in a timely manner.

Will I get a refund?
No. At this point in the semester, you will still be charged the full tuition rate for a withdrawn course. If you do not think you can pass a course, it is often better for your GPA to withdraw.

What if I don’t withdraw, but still earn an F in a class?
When your final grades post in ULink at the end of the semester, check them! If you fail a course that is required for your degree, please speak with your advisor as soon as possible. Often, there is the option to simply sign up for the course again and repeat it. When you repeat a course, the new grade will replace the old grade in your GPA. There are some situations where repeating a course may require you to go back and take prep courses, or where it might not be beneficial to repeat a course if you are not positive that you can get a higher grade.