NEW - Social Change Minor Program

Dr. Cherie Dawson-Edwards is now the Director of the Social Change Minor program. Social Change is a 19 credit hour minor that promotes student engagement in community action and social change processes by examining societal problems through a social responsibility lens. The focus on exploring how people, across times and places, work to change their social environment makes the Minor applicable to many different fields of study. CJ majors already take many classes that could fit into this minor.

Spring 2018 Dr. Dawson-Edwards will be teaching the capstone course SCHG 399 – Lectures in Social Change, which is a one credit hour course open to all students but required for declared minors. This year’s topic is: Social Change in the Trump Era. The course will feature four lecturers who will cover various issues such as: immigration, free speech, gun control, white supremacy, etc. She is also hoping to secure a lecturer who can cover “Criminal Justice in the Trump Era” and the impact of AG Jeff Sessions.

The course will also include a “social change philanthropy” component that uses grant-making to address the root causes of social and economic inequalities. Students will develop a grant-making process and award a small grant ($500) to an organization impacted by the course topic.

The flyer for the lecture course is attached – the course has a 15 student cap, but she is willing to open up enrollment, especially for our students. Social Change in the Trump Era .pdf