FALL 2023 Special Seminars - One Credit Hour Courses


One credit hour seminars - each taught by an expert in their field - will meet one day of class in-person with pre and post work on Blackboard (7 face to face hours [9AM-4PM] and 8 pre/post web work for a total of 15 contact hours).  You must attend the in-person component of the course to receive credit. The entire one credit hour seminar is designed to be completed in two weeks (or less).  Materials will be posted one week prior to class and will close one week after class. NOTE: Registration is recommended at least one week before the start of the course to complete the pre-work component. 

Seminar Topics

  • CJ 496-04 (7725) Helping victims navigate the criminal justice process - October 6, 2023

This course will examine how law enforcement-based victim services support and assist those impacted by crime. Students will glean a better understanding of the ways in which victim services professionals provide a humanizing, holistic approach to victimization that seeks to empower victims of crime to move forward from their trauma through compassion, education, and resources. 

  • CJ 496-05 (7726) Body Language: The Art of Listening with your eyes - November 10, 2023 

This empirically based course explores the foundational principles of non-verbal communication.  Participants will learn to better navigate social interactions, enhance rapport with others, and build and maintain professional and personal relationships

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