CJ Staff Receive 2020 & 2021 Outstanding Performance Awards



 "From the moment I stepped on campus, Kim guided me through the challenges of being a college student. ...Throughout my years at UofL, Kim not only served as my advisor, but she also introduced me to clubs, organizations, professionals in my career field, helped me find and earn a highly selective federal internship, and encouraged me to continue my education past the undergraduate level. Kim has influenced and celebrated every single goal I have achieved within the past four years. There have been many times I felt like maybe I was getting special treatment; maybe everyone in my department doesn’t have it as good as me. Then I began to realize, this is Kim. No matter who I passed in the hallway, sat next to in class, they knew Kim and they knew her well. She touches the lives of every student, staff, and faculty member she encounters. I have seen her go the extra mile countless times just to ensure that the people around her were happy. Whether that be checking in on your life outside of school or making sure every club member leaves a meeting with a full belly. Kim Hendricks is one of the main reasons why I love the University of Louisville so much...." - Student - Department of Criminal Justice


"In Kam's role serving multiple departments, she is always busy and pulled in different directions, but whenever I need her I never feel I am anything but her first priority. She has a way of making sure you know she is committed to her job and to the College and University and will make sure things get done." — Amanda LeDuke (Political Science)