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December 2000


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Shame on SUNY!
Dean Ousts Chair

Campus Equity is Coming
Plan Now!

Contracting Out
Age Discrimination 

Brown Activism
More to Come

Emerson Unionizes
3 to 1

MSU Unionizes
29 plus one more

Spy Tactics 

Canada Won't Quit
3912 Strikes

Needs Help by
March 13!

MUSA Strikes
3906 at it again

CUPE 4600

SUNY on the MOVE
 February Vote

CUPE 3903 Victory!
Yes to York Struggle

Prison Conference

CGEU Union Study
Voices in Solidarity

Write Now!
Univ. Maryland

NYU Gains Rights

Toronto CFSC

Eyes on U. Ottowa Sit-in

Legal Victory
Illinois Court of Appeals Recognizes
Right to Bargain


SUNY Prison Conf


Prison Writing

Labor and Literacy in the Managed University

U of Florida Marxist Conference

General News LINKS


The Coalition of Graduate Employee Unions

Canadian Association of
University Teachers

Progressive Information Network

Association of American University Professors (AAUP)

United Auto Workers (UAW)

American Federation of Teachers (AFT)

Communications Workers of America (CWA)

Marxist Literary Group--Mediations

Rethinking Marxism
(Gala Conf 9/00)

Radical Teacher

Cultural Logic

Teachers for a Democratic Culture

Scholars, Artists and Writers for Social Justice (SAWSJ)

Graduate Student Caucus (GSC-MLA)

National Assoc Grad Prof Stu. (NAGPS)

California Parttime Faculty Association


"There is such a thing as academic capitalism, and profits are being made in universities and from universities in new ways. The question is whether we have entered into some qualitatively new moment in the life of higher education, such as to require from us a qualitatively new strategy. This is a huge and interesting discussion, and it's related to the larger--though not completely equivalent--question of whether postmodernity is, similarly, something new.... I think that "flexible accumulation" is a new strategy for producing surplus value, but used by the (more or less) same old capitalist class, rather than a dramatic and qualitative break understandable only through a new epistemological framework. It's still capitalism that we're living in; the university is still the bourgeois university." --Barbara Foley, speaking with Leo Parascondola

Tribute to Barbara Foley by Laura Sullivan


The Prison Issue
"Under cover of 'legitimacy' and 'reasonableness,' with the terms 'decency,' 'basic human needs,' or the 'minimal extent of life's necessities' in tow, the Court has ordained a brutalization that might not leave physical marks, but accomplishes a soul death equal to if not worse than what occurred in the slave codes of the Americas." --Joan Dayan

Introduction: The Prison Issue
Bruce Simon, section editor

The American Prison in the Culture Wars
H. Bruce Franklin

Ruses of Beneficence and Rituals of Exclusion
Joan Dayan

Prisons, Punishment and Profiteers
Tony Samara

New York State of Mind? 
Higher Education vs. Prison Funding in the Empire State, 1988-1998
Robert Gangi, Vincent Schiraldi, and Jason Ziedenberg

Getting Started: Creating Coalitions on the Local Level
Nicole Meyenberg and Steve Parks

The State of our Unions
"We believe our struggle could serve to mobilize graduate student workers and contract faculty elsewhere in Canada, and beyond. We are opposed to the corporatization of public education. We are struggling for accessible and quality public education...." --Marsha Niemeijer

Our Share of the Pie?
Part-time Faculty at Connecticut State University
Ginny Jones and Jane Hikel

Always Organize:
Clippings from the UE Local 896-COGS COGNITIONArchive
Edited by Ryan Downing and Jennifer Sherer

On the Line: Memorial Faculty Strike
Vicky Smallman

Summary of Current Negotiations
between Lecturers and UQTR
Robert Bellerose

Striking to Win at York University
Marsha Niemeijer and Chris Vance

CUPE 3903 Resists Corporatization at York
James Beaton

Fighting the Neoliberal Agenda in Post-Secondary Education
Jeff Shantz and Chris Vance

Book Reviews

Review of Joel Dyer's The Perpetual Prisoner Machine
Victor Cohen

Remembering Lucasville: A Review of Staughton Lynd's Big George
Joel Woller

Review of Literature, Class and Culture: An Anthology
Tony Scott

Review of Bill Readings' The University in Ruins
Peter Cramer

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