Technology, Democracy, and Academic Labor
section editors Laura Bartlett and
Marc Bousquet
with the collaboration of Radical Teacher:
contributing editor, Richard Ohmann

Introduction: The Information University

by Laura Bartlett

The "Informal Economy" of the Information University
by Marc Bousquet

Educational Technology and Restructuring Academic Labor
by Larry Hanley

The Rhetoric of Commercial Online Education
by Chris Werry

"Il Miglior Fabbro" by Alan Wald

Corporate Fantasy and the "Brave New World of Digital Education"
by Michelle Rodino

"If You're Not Mark Mullen, Click Here": Web-Based Course-Ware and the Pedagogy of Suspicion by Mark Mullen

Student Interns as Flex Workers by Rod Ryon

Hegemony and "Accountability" in Schools and Universities
by Sandra Mathison and E. Wayne Ross

The Corporate War Against Higher Education
by Henry Giroux

Workplace would like to announce the retirement of its founding editor, Marc Bousquet, without whose vision and commitment neither the
collective nor the journal would exist.

The new general editorship includes Christopher Carter, Gordon Lafer, Gary Rhoades, and E. Wayne Ross, with regular support from Eileen Schell. Bill Vaughn remains Book Reviews editor, while Katherine Wills maintains our "Breaking News" section.


Organizing the Family
section editor Noreen O'Connor

Introduction by Noreen O'Connor

Working to Meet the Needs of Graduate Student Families: The Case of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
by Brian Kennedy

Negotiating for the Family: Unions and the Graduate Student Workplace by Andrew Gross

Labor Issues, Academia, and the Workplace: An Interview with Kitty Krupat

by Kathleen Iudicello

Notes on Academic Labor, Women, and Value
by Rachel Riedner

Activist Front
Etiologies of Activism by Bill Vaughn
Photo courtesy of Madeleine Sorapure
UC-AFT Lecturers Engage in Systematic Labor Unrest!
by Nick Tingle

Book Reviews
section editor Bill Vaughn

David F. Noble's Digital Diploma Mills: The Automation of Higher Education
by Floyd Olive

Henry A. Giroux's The Mouse that Roared: Disney and the End of Innocence
by Gregory W. Streich

Eileen E. Schell's Gypsy Academic and Mother Teachers, Gender, Contingent Labor, and Writing Instruction
by Michael Bersin

Michael Zweig's The Working Class Majority: America’s Best Kept Secret
by John Marsh

Frank H. T. Rhodes's The
Creation of the Future

by Thomas Hove

Richard T. De George's
Academic Freedom and Tenure

by Brian Brost

The Norton Anthology of Theory
and Criticism
Ed.Vincent B. Leitch
by Christopher Nelson

American Association of University Professors Academic Freedom for a Free Society

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Politics and Culture

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