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    Date Posted:       November 21, 2000


   The UF Marxist Reading Group would like to announce its third annual
 interdisciplinary conference:


 March 29 - 31, 2001 at the University of Florida

 Keynote speakers: Rosemary Hennessy and Peter McLaren

 The conference seeks papers that focus on how need and desire are
 produced in a late capitalist society and on possible revolutionary
 strategies that might help us understand those needs that capitalism
 attempts to prevent us from seeing.  What do human beings need as
 citizens, workers, and lovers?  How do cultural and historical processes

 determine our needs and desires?  Does class and geographical region
 influence our expression of those needs and desires?  Can capitalismís
 apparent satisfaction of needs be countered by a politics based in
 revolutionary needs?

 Rosemary Hennessy is a significant voice in contemporary materialist
 feminist theory.  Her book Profit and Pleasure: Sexual Identities in
 Late Capitalism (Routledge) argues for an analysis of sexual identity
 rooted in a rigorous understanding of the structures of late capitalism,

 labor and commodification. Hennessy has also written Materialist
 Feminism and the Politics of Discourse, and co-edited Materialist
 Feminism: A Reader in Class, Difference, and Women's Lives with Chrys
 Ingraham.  Her work has appeared in numerous journals including Cultural

 Critique, Rethinking Marxism, Genders, and Mediations. She is an
 associate professor in the English department at the University of
 Albany, SUNY where she teaches classes in feminist theory, Marxist
 theory, postmodern critical and cultural theory, lesbian and gay studies

 and queer theory.

 Peter McLaren is one of the most influential advocates of critical
 pedagogy, both
 nationally and internationally. A major proponent of the work of the
 late Paulo Freire, McLaren covers a wide range of topics, from film
 criticism, to cultural studies, to the pedagogy of Che Guevara. His
 books include Critical Pedagogy and Predatory Culture, Che Guevara,
 Paulo Freire, and the Pedagogy of Revolution, and Life in Schools.
 McLaren is Professor of Urban Schooling: Curriculum, Teaching,
 Leadership & Policy Studies at the University of California, Los
 Angeles.  His current research interests include post-colonial and
 postmodern theories applied to curriculum development and instruction;
 critical social theory and cultural studies in the development of
 approaches to urban school reform; the development of pedagogical theory

 and practice based on critical multiculturalism, critical ethnography,
 and critical literacy.

 Prospective panels include (but are not limited to) the following:

 Critical and revolutionary pedagogies: Freire & Guevara
 Radical and materialist feminisms
 The need for a Marxist political philosophy
 Commodity culture, advertising, and desire
 Popular/working culture and aesthetics
 Disability studies
 Red love and the family
 Capitalism and sexual identities
 New structures of feeling
 The politics of desire and pleasure
 Acceleration of needs:  the colonization of lifestyle
 Species being and needs
 Needing to leave: travel literature and tourism
 Capitalism, theft, and intellectual property
 Urban landscapes: cities of need
 Utopian literatures and philosophies
 The need for a revolutionary future
 Charity, hunger, and activist cultures
 Ethics of need and the welfare state
 Class and wage labor in the new economy
 Gender and modernity
 Do we need literature?
 Liberation theology
 Revolutionary theater

 Non-traditional or performative panels will be considered.
 The deadline for submissions is February 1, 2001.

 One page abstracts, questions, and comments should be submitted to the
 Marxist Reading Group at  Further conference
 information can be found at 

   For more information contact: