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Thinking About Prisons:  Theory and Practice 
Friday & Saturday, Oct 26-27, 2001 
Department of Social Philosophy SUNY, Cortland 

This conference is part of the national series, Philosophy Matters: A
  Celebration of the Power of Thought, which marks the 100 year anniversary
  of the American Philosophical Association.

Call for Papers/ Conference Participation
Conference themes: 
Session I: Experiencing the System 
 Prisoners, Families of Prisoners, 
 Correctional Personnel, 
 Judges, etc. tell their stories 

Session II: New Developments in Imprisonment 
 Supermax Prisons 
 Privatization, etc.

Session III: Analyzing the System The Prison Industrial Complex 
 Numbers and Statistics: their impact on the nation, 
 Youthful offenders 
 Death Penalty 

Session IV: Critique and ChangeHistorical perspectives
 Transnational comparisons and covenants  Abolition or Reform? 

We invite people from a range of organizations to exchange ideas and strategies. Academics, grassroots organizers, former prisoners, people from different faith communities, artists, policymakers, lawyers, and other interested people are welcome. Submit proposals for papers, poster sessions, workshops, dramatic presentations, installations, or video displays.  Among other issues, we encourage people to include experiences or analyses on capital punishment, women prisoners, gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered identities, INS detention centers, or alternatives to incarceration.  Issues of race, gender and class will be of particular interest.

Deadline for abstracts or proposals: April 20, 2001

Send full papers or one-page abstract of your plans to: Dr. Kathryn Russell, Philosophy Department, SUNY Cortland, Cortland, New York, 13045. Phone: (607) 753-2727/ Fax: 607-753-4114.

Conference e-mail:

Cortland is on Interstate 81 between Binghamton and Syracuse.  22 miles from Ithaca, which has a modest airport and 30 miles south of Syracuse, which has a major airport.