** For Immediate Release **

From:     Kathleen Sims, GSEU
          Albany, NY,  Area Vice President
To:       Workplace Breaking News 
Sent:     Tuesday, January 23 
Posted:   Wednesday, January 24 


  Nearly 5,000 graduate teachers and researchers throughout New York's State
  University system have just gained the opportunity to ratify a newly
  settled contract with the State of New York.  Although negotiations have
  taken over 2 years, officers and negotiators from the Graduate Student
  Employees Union as well as representatives from the Govenor's Office of
  Employee Relations, SUNY System Administrations and Administrators from
  SUNY campuses throughout the State signed a tentative agreement whose
  protections and benefits include: wage minimums, allocation of
  professional development funds, redress for skyrocketing fees,
  approximately 8 million dollars worth of raises, and resolution of
  critical problems with GSEU's health care coverage.

  President of the Graduate Student Employees Union and Chief Contract
  Negotiator, Monazir Khan, said, "At present, SUNY ranks forty-eighth among
  the fifty state university systems in the Nation with respect graduate
  employee wages.  As top-notch educators and researchers, we must do our
  part in the fight to ensure that SUNY amplifies its mission of educational
  excellence.  This contract is a victory.  The improvements in the
  tentative agreement are greater than the increases for members in any
  prior contract."  Among other issues, this new contract includes
  allocations totaling $300,000 for professional development, which will
  reach the members during the life of the contract.

  Members of the Graduate Student Employees Union will vote to ratify the
  tentative agreement in February 2001.

     Kathleen Sims
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