Subject: New Caucus Wins CUNY union election
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2000 00:21:30 -0400 (EDT)
From: Ali Shehzad Zaidi <>

forwarded to the MLG list from Vinny Tirelli:
> The New Caucus slate of the PSC (Professional Staff Congress/AFT), the
> faculty and staff union at the City University of New York, has won the
> election for leadership of the PSC.  The Unity slate, which had been in
> office since the 1970's, has a service/business type of union philosophy.
> The New Caucus is dedicated to activist, democratic unionism.  We don't have
> the breakdown, but it is very clear that most of the adjuncts and graduate
> teaching fellows who voted gave their support to the New Caucus (we are all
> in the same bargaining unit).  It has been a long-time coming (The New
> Caucus was founded in 1995, but many of its members, including me, have been
> active for many years before that).  This is a big, big  win.  Lot's of work
> ahead, but for today we savor the victory.  You can visit the New Caucus
> website at: for more information about the New Caucus,
> CUNY, links, info, etc.

> Below is a message from our President-elect to a local e-list.

> Vinny Tirelli

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> From: Barbara Bowen <bbowen@BWAY.NET>
> Date: Monday, April 24, 2000 9:09 PM
> Subject: New Caucus victory

> >I am delighted to report that the New Caucus won a decisive victory
> >today in the PSC election.   We won 55 per cent of the vote for the nine
> >top candidates, an unusually large margin of victory for a reform union
> >caucus.  Sixteen of our 21 candidates won outright: Barbara Bowen, Steve
> >London, Cecelia McCall, John Hyland, Stanley Aronowitz, Blanche Cook,
> >Frank Deale, Susan O'Malley, Sheldon Weinbaum, Eric Marshall, Mike
> >Fabricant, Bob Cermele, Peter Ranis, Nancy Romer, Anne Friedman, and
> >Ingrid Hughes.  In addition, our two other candidates for Community
> >College officer lost by such narrow margins (1 vote and 4 votes) that
> >the challenged ballots for these positions will be examined and a final
> >result announced later.  The only division in which we did not win was
> >the Cross-Campus chapter, in which we made tremendous gains but didn't
> >receive enough of the vote to elect our terrific candidates for VP and
> >officers.
> >
> >The New Caucus victory signals the membership's desire for a democratic
> >and effective union, one that is up to the challenge of reversing the
> >obscene budget cuts to CUNY and the ongoing assault on our professional
> >lives. The real work is ahead of us, and we look forward to organizing
> >the membership in a way that will create political leverage.  Thanks to
> >all who worked, contributed money and ideas, and voted for us.  We hope
> >to win over any who did not by showing what an academic union can be.
> >
> >Barbara Bowen

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