From: M. Michael Schiff []
  Sent: Sunday, February 04, 2001 3:47 PM
  Subject: [cultstud-l] Call for submissions: "Open-Strike!"
  issue(online journal), a special issue of
  j_spot the Journal of Social and Political Thought
  Teaching assistants, contract faculty and graduate assistants of the
  Canadian Union of Public Employees 3903 at York University, have
  recently returned--victoriously--to their academic work after a three-
  month strike.  In an increasingly right-wing political climate the
  success of the strike announces hope and the efficacy of political
  praxis.  This profound event has affected many people in a variety of
  ways, materially, bodily, ideologically, etc., and truly calls for
  j_spot, the Journal of Social and Political Thought, is pleased to
  announce a special 'open strike' issue.  We aim to provide a forum for
  strike commentary of all forms:  critical analysis, social and political
  theory, email threads, photographs and other art-making, documents of
  actions, art, hypertext, and personal reflection. While the recent CUPE
  3903 strike is the impetus behind this call, as are labour issues
  related to the York University Faculty Association strike of 1997 and
  the recent action at Carleton University in Ottawa, we are also
  interested in theoretical reflections on the state and status of the
  university as a pedagogical site in relation to critical contemporary
  realities of education and academic work.  We encourage submissions that
  consider a larger context.  What are the exigencies of the current
  situation at your university?  In relation to your political system?
  How do labour disputes, faculty and student movements, government
  pressures, departmental administrations, or other social and political
  forces impact upon the delivery and experience of education?
  Please forward submissions as soon as possible to  In
  order to create an effective response, the special "Open-Strike!" issue
  of j_spot will be posted online as soon as it reaches a critical mass.
  "Open-Strike!" will _not_ be peer-refereed in the manner of other issues
  of the journal, but the journal's editorial collective reserves the
  right to vet and edit articles as appropriate.  Regular submissions for
  peer review are still being received; potential contributors should
  consult the journal's website.
  j_spot the Journal of Social and Political Thought
  j_spot is an interdisciplinary electronic journal focusing on a wide
  range of intersections between theory, politics, culture, and social
  justice.  In light of contemporary political and intellectual conditions
  in late capitalist society, j_spot aims to expand the space for
  interdisciplinary critique, innovation, and originality. Already
  situated in the rapidly evolving nexus of technologically mediated
  social and political change--a transformative nexus which itself must
  not escape critique--j_spot aims to give free rein to the crucial,
  critical energies that aim beyond a deadly acceptance of the status quo.

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