From:    Eileen E. Schell
  To:      Workplace
  Date:    May 25, 2001
  Posted:  May 25, 2001

Faculty activists across the US and Canada have banded together to designate October 28 to November 3rd 2001 as Campus Equity Week. Campus Equity Week will promote campus activities designed to highlight the poor pay and working conditions of part-time and non-tenure track faculty. Part-time faculty account for 43% of all faculty appointments. Graduate student assistants and full-time contingent faculty are other growing segments of the teaching profession without adequate compensation or academic freedom protections. Only 40% of the total faculty now hold or are eligible for full-time tenured status.

The Campus Equity Week coalition marks the first time faculty from all of the major faculty unions, associations and disciplinary organizations from the US and Canada have joined forces for an international campaign to promote faculty activism. National and local representatives of the following organizations have formed a national steering committee that continues to invite new participants to assist in planning for Campus Equity Week.

Academic Senate for California Community Colleges (ASCCC) American Association of University Professors (AAUP)American Federation of Teachers (AFT),Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT), California Part-time Faculty Association (CPFA),Concordia University Part-time FacultyAssociation (CUPFA),Coalition of Contingent Academic Labor (COCAL),Communications Workers of America (CWA),Community College Council of the California Federation of Teachers (CCC/CFT)Federation nationale des enseignants et enseignantes du Quebec de la Confederation des syndicats nationaux (FNEEQ-CSN)Massachusetts Teachers Association / NEA (MTA)National Alliance for Fair Employment (NAFFE),National Council of Teachers of English/Conference on College Communication and Composition (NCTE/CCCC),National Education Association (NEA)Campus Equity Week, designed to educate the public and policymakers, will

focus attention on issues of fairness and quality of education.

Our message: teachers' working conditions are students' learning conditions and equal work deserves equal pay.In addition the week of action will promote local organizing.  Local Campus Equity Week committees are in formation and will plan events appropriate to local campus conditions.Campus Equity Week will also take issue with declining labor standards and increasing use of temporary and part-time labor for all campus work. Campus
Equity Week endorses the adoption of equitable labor policies and standards that encourage fairness and dignity for all members of the campus community. Campus Equity Week is part of a growing movement among working people from all walks of life seeking to address the inequities of contingent work. Campus activism is directly linked to that broader movement through the professional organizations, labor unions and member organizations of the National Alliance for Fair Employment that support Campus Equity Week and constitute its steering committee.

For More information contact:

 AAUP - Richard Moser  (202) 737-5900
 AFT - Susan Levy  (206) 524-4326
 CCA/CTA - Judith Mandel (760) 345.8694.
 CWA - Stacey Burks (530) 345-3658
 NAFFE - Brendan Smith (203) 453-0155
 NEA - Rachel Hendrickson, (202) 822-7115
 North West, U S - Sandra Schroeder (206)-242 4777
 Central West, U S - Chris Storer  (650) 949-2287
 South West, U S - Donna Hurtado (505) 265-0899 or 
 David Milroy,  (858)569-8435
 Canada (English) -Vicky Smallman (613) 820-2270