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Forthcoming topics:
Financing the Corporate University. 
Gender Segmentation in Teacher Work. 
Theories of Mental Labor. 

No coordinators yet for these topics.
Debt and Autonomy.
The Law of Higher Ed.
History of the CGEU.
Monkey-wrenching the Managed U.
The Struggle at Private Universities.

We are in the process of developing the Workplace special topics into a companion book series. Check back for details. At the moment, a typical workplace issue consists of four or five feature articles (10-20 pages print; graphics desirable), one or frequently two interviews accompanied by 3-6 page essays celebrating the interviewee's contribution to the profession by friends/colleagues/students of the interviewees, and 2-8 shorter items, frequently reports on organizing, first person narratives, meeting memoranda, editions of email exchanges, etc. Items in different formats and media (quicktime video, audio files, photo essays) are strongly encouraged. About 12 months before the issue, guest editors usually develop a plan forsoliciting (by open CFP and direct requests) about 6-7 features and two interviews, together with a concept for a cluster of shorter items. The general editors and the collective review the plan and sometimes make suggestions, and then the issue is in the guest editors' hands until about six weeks before the release date, at which point we like to have the copyedited material in hand. The general editors will typically add a few timely shorter items to the "breaking news" column.