Looks like a strike has been averted at Carleton University.  This is now
  the second campus in Ontario to tie wage increases to tuition 
  increases - big victory for the graduate student employees

  Vicky Smallman

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  > From: Christopher Bodnar [mailto:cbodnar@chat.carleton.ca]
  > Sent: January 31, 2001 6:27 AM
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  > Subject: Tentative TA and RA agreement reached
  > For Immediate Release                        January 31, 2001
  > Tentative Agreement reached in CUPE 4600 Talks - Strike postponed
  > The Negotiating Committee for the TAs, RAs, service assistants and
  > student consultants at Carleton University, members of CUPE 4600,
  > reached a tentative settlement with Carleton University early this
  > morning. The strike, scheduled for 7 a.m. on the morning of January 31,
  > has been postponed, pending ratification of the settlement by the
  > general membership.
  > While details of the tentative settlement cannot be released until the
  > members have seen them, the tentative settlement does include
  > breakthroughs on all three key areas that the members wanted when they
  > voted to strike. A tuition increase assistance plan has been
  > established; a fund exists to help cover the costs of UHIP for
  > international members, and a report on the effect of the double cohort
  > on class sizes for TAs and the quality of education will be completed by
  > May 2002.
  > CUPE 4600 President Aalya Ahmad stated, "This settlement shows that our
  > members were prepared to stand up for the issues of accessible and
  > quality public post-secondary education. Not only did they vote to
  > strike in order to have their issues addressed, but were prepared to do
  > so to get the results they needed. Without the mobilization by hundreds
  > of our members, none of these breakthroughs would have been possible."
  > Members will be informed of the details of the tentative settlement by
  > the union executive, and voting will take place after a general
  > membership meeting early next week.
  > For further information, contact Chris Bodnar at 715-1590.
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FROM:               VICKY SMALLMAN
DATE:               January 24, 2001, 23h30 
POSTED:             January 24, 2001, 23h45

SUBJECT:     Carleton Student Assistants vote in favour of strike

  OTTAWA - Teaching and Research Assistants voted to authorize a strike

  Following three days of voting and the largest voter turnout in the
  Local's history, CUPE 4600, representing Teaching and Research
  Assistants at Carleton University, announced that membership voted 60
  percent in favour to authorize a strike.

  This vote follows almost seven months of union attempts to negotiate
  with Carleton management. Talks broke off on November 29 when the
  university refused to discuss issues including class size, insurance
  fees for international students, post-residency fees, dental plan
  coverage and wage indexation to tuition fees.

  "This vote is a strong message. Student workers have told university
  management that they won't tolerate a crumbling education system while
  being left with the tab," said Aalya Ahmad, president of CUPE 4600.

  "Leaving the burden of poor management and a lack of concern for public
  education on the shoulders of Carleton's employees will not be an
  acceptable practice anymore."

  A strike could occur as early as January 31. Negotiations are scheduled
  to resume January 29.

For more information or for interviews, please contact:
Finn Makela, CUPE 4600 V.P. External, (613) 795-6359

 For background information, contact:   Chris Bodnar (613) 715-1590