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Reconsidering Utopianism in New Media

Graduate-Employee Activism: Apply Now!

Labor and Literacy in the Managed University

Legal Victory
Illinois Court of Appeals Recognizes
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Plan now for 2001
Conference on Academic Labor.


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marginorangelong.jpg - 1653 Bytes August 1, 2000: We welcomeKatherine Wills as the new Editor of the Breaking News column, and Courtney Maloneyas our new Book Review Editor. 

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"The other thing that makes labor a compelling field for student activists is that it is multi-racial and multi-gendered; itís an area where white students can connect to people of color in their places of work, and also where students of different races can work together." --Barbara Bowen, speaking with Ann Wallace
May Day 2000: a tribute to Barbara Bowen by Tony O'Brien

"Academics do have an obligation to imagine better vistas for the university. We should see ourselves as part of the social fabric, serving a public need. It's a two-way street, which sometimes gets lost in the realm of professional affect, which casts us as brainy individuals doing unique research projects, rather than as participants in public life." --Jeffrey Williams, speaking with Felicia Carr
Theory and Practice: a tribute to Jeff Williams by Bruce Robbins

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"What do these campaigns have in common? All four are being waged by an alliance of workers, union organizers, and academics willing to combine their skills, both to organize resistance to exploitative labor practices and to effectively publicize these practices."--Jamie Owen Daniel

After the Washington Consensus: an Introduction
Christian Gregory, section editor

Last Tuesday in Seattle
Rich Daniels

The World Trade Organization: A Flawed Conception
Kenneth Surin

Seattle and Beyond
Doug Henwood

Making Better Connections:
Some Thoughts on Rhetoric and Solidarity 
Jamie Owen Daniel

These young people... are being starved and bullied. The university is refusing to negotiate with these bright, ambitious young people -- the future leaders of our society --and is threatening to fire them unless they cave in before February 1. Many fear this is just a prelude to some new form of thuggish, exploitative wage-slavery. Yours in shock, horror and dismay, Margaret Atwood

Organizing Canada
Daniel Kim, section editor

The Arc of an Action: Email about the Toronto TA Strike
Leo Parascondola

By Way of Introduction: Some Thoughts on Difference
 Douglas Ivison

ACCESS 2000: an interview with Joel Harden and Steven Kammerer
Ellie Kennedy

A Chronology of the University of Toronto T.A. Strike
Daniel Kim

Organizing Against a Large and Powerful Employer
Mikael Antony Swayze

Good Cop? An Update from the Task Force on Graduate Funding
David Goutor

Lessons of a Job Action: A Strike Coordinator's View
Chantal Sundaram

T.A.s Walk The Line: Two Perspectives
Aparna Sundar and Kyoko Sato

Looking Back at TRACC (Queen's U.)
Sarah Riegel

Roller-coaster Ride: Bargaining at McMaster 99-00
June M. Madeley

Tea with Mrs. Mussolini
Elizabeth Skakoon


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