Foreword by Marc Bousquet

Back Issues of WORKPLACE: 

July 2003 5.2: Building a K-16 Movement. Ed. E. Wayne Ross. Articles by Greg Queen, E. Wayne Ross, Rich Gibson, Kevin D. Vinson, David Gabbard, George Perreault, Mark L'Esperance, Sandra Mathison, Kenneth J. Saltman, Ellen Boesenberg, Patricia Harkin, Marc Bousquet, Mark C. Baildon, Hill Taylor, Judith Y. Singer, Perry Marker, Alan Singer, Michael Pezone, Pier Paolo Frassinelli. Book Reviews by Michael Bersin, Dana Carluccio, Todd Chatman, Suzanne M. Miller, John Marsh, Elizabeth Mazzolini, Floyd Olive, John Rothfork, Rob Henn.

October 2002 5.1: Technology, Democracy, and Academic Labor. Eds. Laura Bartlett and Marc Bousquet with the collaboration of Richard Ohmann and Radical Teacher. Articles by Laura Barlett, Marc Bousquet, Larry Hanly, Chris Werry, Michelle Rodino, Mark Mullen, Rod Ryon, Sandra Mathison and E. Wayne Ross, and Henry Giroux. Appreciation of Cary Nelson: interview by Marc Bousquet; article by Alan Wald. Organizing the Family. Ed. Noreen O'Connor. Articles by Norren O'Connor, Brian Kennedy, Andrew Gross, and Rachel Riedner. Interview with Kitty Krupat by Kathleen Iudicello. Acitivist Front. Articles by Bill Vaughn and Nick Tingle. Book Reviews by Floyd Olive, Gregory Streich, Michael Bersin, John Marsh, Thomas Hove, Brian Brost, and Christopher Nelson.

February 2002 4.2: Campus Equity Week: Mobilizing Contingent Labor. Ed. Chris Carter. Articles by Chris Carter, Helena Worthen, Joe Berry, Nick Tingle, Eric Marshall. Poem by Sharon Warner. Interview with Barbara Wolf.  Education for Democracy: Fighting the Corporate Takeover. Eds. David Brodsky, Patricia Brodsky, and Ali Zaidi. Articles by David Brodsky, Franklin W. Neff, Alex Dajkovic, Michael McCormack, Emiliano Huet-Vaughn, Zuleyma Tang-Martinez, Patricia P. Brodsky, Raymond Pierotti, Fred Whitehead, Stephen Dilks, Beth Huber, Mindy Fiala and Katie Kline, Stuart A. McAninch, Corey Dolgon, William Vaughn, Ellen Starbird.  Book Reviews by Floyd Olive, Brian Martin. 

June 2001 4.1: Composition as Management Science. Eds. Tony Scott, Leo Parascondola, and Tony Baker. Articles by Tony Scott, Bill Hendricks, Richard Ohmann, James Sledd, Eileen Schell, Eli Goldblatt, Leo Parascondola, Kim van Alkemade, John Marsh, Laurie Ousley and Michael Rozendal. Interviews with Steve Parks, Ira Shor, James Thompson. Roundtables with Sharon Crowley, Walter Jacobsohn, Cary Nelson, Bill Vaughn, Tony Baker, Chris Carter. Profile articles by Robert Vodicka, Larin McLaughlin, Mark Quigley, Philip Zwerling, Michelle Graas and Paul Prew, Tim Bryant. Reviews by Pepi Leistyna, Catherine Chaput, Lisa A. Cooper, Gregory Bezkorovainy, Elizabeth Heffelfinger.

December 2000 3.2:  The Prison Issue. Bruce Simon, section editor. Articles by: H. Bruce Franklin, Joan Dayan, Tony Samara; Robert Gangi, Vincent Schiraldi, and Jason Ziedenberg; Nicole Meyenberg and Steve Parks. Interview with Barbara Foley by Leo Parascondola; Tribute to Foley by Laura Sullivan. The State of our Unions: Articles by:  Marsha Niemeijer; Ginny Jones and Jane Hikel; Ryan Downing and Jennifer Sherer; Vicky Smallman; Robert Bellerose; Chris Vance; James Beaton; Jeff Shantz and Chris Vance. Reviews of: Joel Dyer's The Perpetual Prisoner Machine; Staughton Lynd's Big George; Paul Lauter's Literature, Class and Culture: An Anthology; Bill Readings' The University in Ruins

May 2000 3.1:  Interviews with Barbara Bowen, Jeffrey Williams, Joel Harden and Steven Kammerer. Special Sections: "After Seattle" and "Organizing Canada." Contributions by Tony O'Brien, Bruce Robbins, Jamie Owen Daniel, Christian Gregory, Rich Daniels, Kenneth Surin, Doug Henwood, Daniel Kim,  Leo Parascondola, Douglas Ivison, Ellie Kennedy, Mikael Antony Swayze, David Goutor, Chantal Sundaram, Aparna Sundar and Kyoko Sato, Sarah Riegel, June M. Madele, and Elizabeth Skakoon. 

November '99 2.2: Interview with Karen Thompson; Articles by Randy Martin,Gary Rhoades,Fred Moten and Stefano Harney, Kitty Krupat, and Toby Miller, with reports by Clint Burnham, Vicky Smallman, Steve Watt, Gregory Bezkorovainy, and a photo-essay by Mariani Lefas-Tetenes.

April '99 2.1: Interview with Ellen Messer-Davidow; an Interactive Forum on the Job Market by Alan Kalish; Striking Back: Academic Labor in Action, guest edited by Bruce Simon; Letters from the Front: Personal Narratives by Academic Organizers; and MLA Matters(?) 

December '98 1.2: Interviews with Paul Lauter and Louis Kampf; Global Workplace: An Activist Forum, guest edited by Anthony O'Brien; Paying For It: Higher Education Today; Commentary; Letters to the Editor; Book Reviews

February '98 1.1 Inaugural Issue: Foreword by Marc Bousquet; Articles by Cary Nelson, Paul Lauter, Steven Watt, Christian Gregory, Andrew Long, Victoria Smallman, and Barbara Bowen; This Life of Labor: Personal Criticism by Barbara White, Leo Parascondola, and Gregory Myerson; Forum: "ORGANIZING OUR ASSES OFF"; Convention Reports; Book Reviews