Research Computing

 Warp Speed. It’s definitely happening here. With the launch of the Cardinal Research Cluster (CRC), the University of Louisville has launched one of the fastest and largest academic supercomputers in Kentucky.  The Cardinal Research Cluster could very well be the tool that helps UofL researchers discover a new cure for cancer, come up with a better way to predict tornadoes,  determine how to cure diabetes, or discover new ways to go green such as optimizing city energy grids or cutting home heating bills. In other words, the Cardinal Research Cluster will help researchers to create a better life for all of us by providing Louisville’s researchers with the most up-to-date research computing tools available.

Developing a strong high-performance computing (HPC) infrastructure in support of research is a priority at the University of Louisville. One component of this research cyberinfrastructure consists of providing an HPC hardware environment with storage, networking, and compute time for use by faculty, students, and staff for research and instructional purposes. A second key component consists of research support services provided by IT staff working closely and collaboratively with university researchers. This vital component will serve to foster a vigorous computational environment that can be tailored to researchers’ individual needs.  At the same time, the new computing capabilities and support personnel can create opportunities for researchers in diverse disciplines to collaborate with each other in promising new directions that can raise the university’s research profile and lead to new avenues of funding.

ALL CRC users are subject to the CRC usage polices at: CRC Usage Policies

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