Microsoft License Agreement

This acceptance is valid for the Microsoft software products sold through iTech Xpress, which shall be referred to collectively herein as the “Software”.  Software is made available to you because the University of Louisville has purchased license coverage for the Software through its Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions. University of Louisville is ordering the right for you to use the Software for Work-related purposes at home under its Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions. You are not licensed to use the Software at home for personal purposes. You do not own the license or the CDs; rather you are authorized to use the Software and associated media pursuant to the terms and conditions of the licensing agreement with the enrollment of your Departmental Microsoft Agreement participation. You will be required to remove the Software from your home machine immediately upon your Departments non-enrollment or earlier if your employment by University of Louisville ends.  Your accepting/reading of this information implies you will abide by the license agreement associated with this software.