Content Management

Our strategy is to support the University with systems that provide access to both current and historical documents including non-traditional dynamic documents such as web pages.

ServicesPloneSharePoint | OnBase

CMS Services

  • Workflow and Custom Forms (OnBase)
  • Edits to Workflow, and Doctype Groups (OnBase)
  • Scanning Setup (OnBase)
  • Metadata Setup (OnBase)
  • Website Hosting of University sites (Plone)
  • Collaboration Content Management System (SharePoint)


Plone 4 is the upgraded version of the university’s content management system (CMS).

  • top 2% of all open source projects worldwide
  • 340 core developers
  • more than 300 solution providers in 57 countries
  • Plone 4 is about three times faster than Plone 3 and up to four times faster than Plone 2.5.
  • Updated and improved editor: Improved image upload and insertion dialogs, strong support for HTML table editing (a weak area of Plone’s previous editor), and better support for inserting Adobe Flash video content.
  • Improved handling of large files and media: Plone 4 now stores all file and image data on the file system rather than in one large database file. This improves performance and reduces resource consumption.
  • Reduced memory footprint: On average, Plone 4 uses about 20 percent less RAM than Plone 3. Plone's memory consumption no longer grows over time, but remains constant after initial caches are filled up.
  • Decentralized administrators: This feature allows customer administrators to customize their own Plone sites. Administrators will be able to install new, approved Plone add-on products when IT makes them available. Administrators can customize features for use on their site only.


SharePoint provides document management, sharing solutions, and extensive collaboration abilities.

  • Electronic document environment providing communities for team collaboration and making it easy for users to work together on documents, tasks, contacts, events, and other information.
  • SharePoint Secure supports internal documents, required login, collaboration, and user controlled access.
  • SharePoint Public houses external documents, updated frequently, and linked from Plone to allow global outside University
  • Your SharePoint Administrator can take care make changes such as adding or removing users.
  • If you need to report an issue email the helpdesk (@) and this will submit a HEAT ticket to our department for troubleshooting. If its an emergency, fill free to contact Technical Support and Operations directly Contact Technical Support & Operations.


OnBase provides document management, image capture, and workflow to support the storage of official business records. 

  • Need a workflow or changes to your workflow? Fill out aOnBase Work Order to setup a meeting.
  • The user adding or removal process must be done by information technology. Fill out the request for OnBase Accounts or Remove User Form if you need a user added to OnBase.

OnBase Web Client (thin client):

The Web client is the best choice for users that only need to retrieve documents, do workflow tasks, view dashboards/reports or manually import and index electronic (pre-scanned) files. No workstation installations are needed. It can be used with most browsers. Note: The web client should not be used with the Windows 10 Microsoft Edge browser.

OnBase Web Client

OnBase Unity Client:

The Unity Client is a combination of the Thick and Thin clients.  It is designed to look like an Office application with the ribbon at the top. It is also the easiest to install with the one click installer. There is more information on the OnBase website.

Below is a detailed guide for using the Onbase Unity Client:

Unity Client Manual

This client allows you to perform powerful searches to find your information and provide a rich set of tools for interacting with, editing and managing your data. To learn more, go to the OnBase product site for descriptions.

Hyland the makers of OnBase have a free online class for beginners.

The Unity Client System requirements are as follows:

The Unity Client can be installed using the link below. Please review the requirements above before installing.

  1. Unity Client Installer (current version) 

Streamline critical processes with the OnBase and Outlook integration

OnBase automatically begins processing documents the moment users import them from Outlook, eliminating the need to manually transfer information and further streamlining business processes. With vital business-related content easily accessible right from Outlook, you increase efficiency and improve service.

The Microsoft Outlook integration for document management allows users to capture emails and attachments directly from Outlook, importing them into OnBase. Once captured and indexed, OnBase links emails and any supporting documents to existing account information for simple retrieval.

With Outlook and OnBase working together, users:

  • Access all documents and correspondences from one central location
  • No longer have to save files to multiple locations
  • Have instant, secure access to needed information, regardless of whether they were the original recipient

Below is a detailed guide for using the Onbase Outlook 2016 (32-bit) client.

Onbase Outlook 2016 Client User Guide

The Onbase Outlook 2016 Client System requirements are as follows:

    The Onbase Outlook Client can be installed using the link below. Please review the requirements above before installing.

    1. Outlook 2016 (32-bit) Client installer

      If you need to report an issue or create an incident report go to If it is an emergency during regular hours, fill free to contact us directly via phone at (502) 852-7997