Computing Center Policies

Use of Computing Centers facilities implies acceptance of these policies


    • The Computing Centers are intended for academic use by students, faculty, and staff of the University of Louisville.
    • It is required for accountability purposes that you sign-in each time you visit the lab (unless you stepped out for less than ten minutes) This allows us to monitor the facility use and provide staff accordingly
    • Everyone must reasonably clean up after themselves when leaving i.e., push in the chair, throw away garbage, and leave the desk in the same manner they would want to approach it.
    • All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian
    • Data storage media left by users and not claimed within 90 days will become the property of the Computing Center and may be reused or disposed
    • Food, drink, and the use of tobacco products in the Computing Center is not permitted under any circumstances with the exception of bottled water with the lid kept on the bottle
    • Game playing is not permitted
    • Do not move equipment or furniture from their current locations, with the exception being chairs which should be returned to their original position when leaving
    • Users with disabilities are requested to ask a staff member for assistance if they should require a physical accommodation (such as moving a monitor, place of a trackball mouse, etc.)
    • Do not disconnect any equipment from or attempt to connect any equipment to Computing Centers equipment or network other than a thumb drive
    • Software installation is not permitted by anyone other than Computing Center staff
    • Theft and/or vandalism will not be tolerated
    • Temporary storage space is available in the "Scratch" directories of each computer and file server. Files will be deleted daily
    • When viewing video, lecture, or any sound-emitting program headphones must be used. Noise must be kept at a minimum
    • The computers in the computing centers will not be used to view disruptive, offensive, or inappropriate materials. Any debate on offensive material will be at the discretion of the computing center staff.
    • Please treat all staff with the same respect you would want to receive, we are here to help


Computing Center staff will follow a disruptive behavior escalation procedure for violations of this policy


    • The user will be asked to refrain from disruptive behavior
    • The user will be asked again to refrain from the disruptive behavior
    • The University of Louisville Department of Public Safety will be called and asked to escort the user from the facility.
    • Multiple violations of this policy will result in the loss of privileges of the Computing Center