Determining iClicker Remote IDs

Determining iClicker remote IDs when the ink has rubbed off (for faculty) This screen will help faculty that have registered students with iClickers that have lost their ID number. Note that the students need to be in the iClicker class roster (name) before this will work.

Students purchasing a used remote may face a problem with a fading sticker, due to normal wear-and-tear. At the beginning of each term, we suggest you first recommend to all of your students that they put a piece of transparent tape over their remote IDs to keep the ID from fading. If a student has a remote that no longer has the ID sticker on the back, he/she will need your help determining the ID. Regardless of what method you use, be sure to have students make a note of their remote ID for future reference. If only a few students are affected:

  1. Select “Loan/Register Clickers” from the drop-down arrow menu on the iClicker toolbar
  2. Select the first affected student’s name from the Student: drop-down menu
  3. Ask that student to hold down the on/off button until the power light flashes and then enter the frequency code for the receiver (the default is AA)
  4. The Remote field will auto-populate with the remote ID

If many students are affected:

  1. Gather them together after class or during office hours
  2. Select “Loan/Register Clickers” from the drop-down arrow menu on the iClicker toolbar, then click on “Roll Call” along the bottom of the window
  3. Have the students follow the onscreen instructions to register their clickers; their ID will appear next to their name


  1. Have affected students form a line by your computer after class
  2. Display the voting results grid from the Question/Polling tab in Settings & Preferences
  3. One by one have students vote using their remotes—their ID will appear in the grid on the screen

If you have any questions about any of the above, please do feel free to contact iClicker technical support at or 866-209-5698 9 AM-11 PM EST Monday-Friday.