VP Position Description

The Vice President for Information Technology reports to the Provost and advises the President as appropriate on matters of vision, strategic planning, policy, and long-range budget.

The Vice President carries out the following functions:

  1. Provides academic computing services necessary to support the instructional and research needs of the institution.
  2. Provides the infrastructure and centralized computing services necessary for the efficient management of the institution.
  3. Coordinates university-wide telecommunications services, the campus-wide information systems, and electronic networks.
  4. Provides appropriate support services related to instructional and video communications.
  5. Provides centralized printing services to the university.
  6. Advises the Provost and President on policy matters that relate to computing services, telecommunications services, instructional technology, and printing services.
  7. Acts as the university's liaison with local, state-wide, national and international organizations on computing, information management, and telecommunications.
  8. Undertakes other assignments at the discretion of the Provost or President.