2018 Leadership Profiles


Chelsea D Bates-Adams
Founder and President, Avant Garde Cards

“I have built collegiate connections that will follow me well into my professional career. Half of the battle is fighting for your dream; the other half is finding someone else that believes in your dream.”

Kyle D. Bilyeu
Interfraternity Council and Beta Theta Pi

“Getting involved with leadership and service opportunities at UofL has transformed me from someone with potential to lead into a student who has successfully accomplished all I desired to achieve in my undergraduate career.”



Gillian Casey
SAB, Outreach

“My experience as a UofL Cardinal has been highlighted by my time with the Student Activities Board. The friendships, connections, and leadership roles I have experienced have prepared me for the future and left an impact on me that will never be diminished.”

Dion Copeland
Secondary Education
Leader's Legacy Certificate

“Being a strong campus leader I am able to present a resume full of experience employers look for in candidates.”



Michael DeGroot
Electrical Engineering
Task Force Freshmen

“I have had the opportunity to use my involvement to help develop the most promising freshmen and watch them grow into incredible student leaders. Nothing makes me happier than making my way across campus and seeing what the students I work with are accomplishing.”

Kelsey Hamilton
SAB, Campus Life

“Getting involved in SAB at UofL was the best decision. It has given me a place where I feel welcomed and at home, as well as the skills, experience, and memories I will have forever.”



Joseph Holland
Biology & Political Science
SAB, Diversity Committee

“The most important lesson I have learned here is that diversity with inclusion is the only form of diversity. It is my experience with student involvement that influences the way in which I stand for my values and protect the values of others.”

Hannah Kemper
Elementary Education
SAB, Spirit and Tradition

“I have worked with incredible people who inspire me to be involved and more inclusive of those around me. I hope to be a teacher one day and leadership positions on campus expose me to new ideas, which will last a lifetime.”



Fadoua Khmaissia
Computer Science & Engineering
Leader's Legacy Certificate

“My confidence in my leadership capabilities has grown. I understand my strengths and weaknesses on a deeper level. I am ready to tackle any future challenge, to motivate myself and people around me and to positively impact my surroundings.”

Dylan Martin
ELSB, Operations

“Leadership and service opportunities have contributed to my preparedness for the "real world" by helping me to discover what it means to truly be a leader, a quality not easy to develop without experience.”



JaKashea Tyranique Mayes
Criminal Justice
Leader's Legacy Certificate

“Getting involved with leadership and service has challenged my thoughts, improved my leadership skills, provided opportunities for betterment, and helped me develop into the best version of myself, which will guide me into my future successfully.”

Nadieh Rahbari
Leader's Legacy Certificate

“In the Legacy workshops I learned to know myself better, and I learned that people can trust me to tell me their concerns. I can apply what I learned here to my personal life, learning how to better communicate with people.”



John S. Rhodes
Public Health
Alpha Phi Alpha Incorporated

“My experiences in the Office of Student Involvement have helped develop me into the leader I am today. The broad array of opportunities that I've been presented with pushed me to manage my time better, connect with various groups, and explore new options for my future.”

Emily Rich
Psychology & Liberal Studies
Kappa Delta

“Kappa Delta, Greek Life, and the Student Activities Board have many differences, but they have all given me an opportunity to make a difference in my community.”



Erik Rieger
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Phi Delta Theta

“The experience I’ve had prepared me for my future by pushing me to challenge myself. I learned how I handle stress, deal with people in various ways, and how to be a leader. Moreover, I learned how to improve myself through these experiences.”

Ciarah Ross
Leader's Legacy Certificate

“Getting involved as a Porter scholar, an Honors student, and a member of Freshman LEAD has given me the opportunity to create connections, go to campus events, and volunteer for in our community. I love volunteering and being a leader on campus and in the community.”



Kiarah Ross
Political Science: Law & Public Policy
Leader's Legacy Certificate

“I have found a passion in giving back to the community, created a network, and challenged myself to not only create change, but embrace it.”

Darius Sanford
Student National Dental Association

“Getting involved in the Office of Student Involvement has enriched my dental education. Continuing to lead and serve will ultimately make me a better health care provider.”



Halie Sawyers
Music Therapy
SAB, Spirit and Tradition

“Your experience as a UofL Cardinal is entirely what you make of it. Thanks to the Office of Student Involvement, I have the amazing opportunity to provide my fellow Cardinals with educational, diverse, fun, and enlightening experiences that are in the true spirit of UofL.”

Dillon Sego
Mechanical Engineering
Interfraternity Council and Tau Kappa Epsilon

“I don't think I would be where I am today without the support network I gained by being involved at UofL. I learned how to work as a team, compromise, and listen. All of these skills will apply to being a mechanical engineer and these skills can only be learned through experience.”



Asia Thornton
Leader's Legacy Certificate

“Getting involved made me realize that I want a career that allows me to guide people to achieve something. I want to be a leader that people come to for help.”

Gabrielle Thornton
Office of Student Involvement Front Desk Assistant

“As soon as I started working as a front desk assistant in the Office of Student Involvement, I got involved by asking the staff about RSOs and community service programs and how to be a part of them. Not only has this shaped me as a better student, but I am more active in the UofL community.”



Lakeisha M. Gardner
Leader's Legacy Certificate

“My leadership experiences as a student have molded me into a distinguished young woman prepared to enter the workforce. I have been challenged to be innovative, collaborative, and persistent in the face of adversity. I am proud to share that I gained them while serving my student body at the University of Louisville.”

Katie Maurer
Spanish & Middle/Secondary Education
Student Organization Advisory Board

“The Office of Student Involvement has been absolutely the largest influence on my experience as a UofL Cardinal. I know that I will see a familiar face, have someone to talk to about what's on my mind, and feel accepted for who I am.”



Emmanuella Hyacinthe
SAB Diversity Committee

“Getting involved will impact my future because it helps me be a better critical thinker and decision maker, which will help me become an overall better leader and individual.”

Nicholas Yates
Sigma Chi

“Getting involved allowed me to develop personal skills including empathy. These soft skills are invaluable to my future career as a doctor. My involvement in college has allowed me to become a more relational leader and will help me to provide more effective care to my patients.”



Adney Rakotoniaina
Freshmen LEAD

“Pursuing a career in the medical/healthcare field requires compassion and decisiveness combined with an honest inclination and ability to assist, inspire, and direct others. I truly believe the opportunities and experiences I’ve had here have instilled these things in me!”

Briana Williams
English & Communication
Panhellenic Council and Kappa Alpha Theta

“I wouldn't have the confidence or experience for post-graduation without everything I've been involved with at UofL, and especially without the Office of Student Involvement.”



Jessica Williams
Student National Dental Association

“Each time I have participated in service opportunities, I experience the impact I’ve made on others as well as the impact they have made on me. I’m grateful for these opportunities in life. I will always remember the importance of service to others, because it’s the foundation to becoming a great leader.”

Sam Stevens
Interfraternity Council and Phi Kappa Tau

“UofL students have access to more opportunities to engage on campus and in our community than any other universities I am aware of, and for that I am eternally grateful.”