Collaborator to Leader (C2L)

Collaborator to Leader - C2L

We believe followers, also known as collaborators, are just as important as any organization leader, and are demonstrating leadership in action regularly through their participation.


  • Demonstrate courage, honesty, and/or credibility
  • Manage themselves well
  • Are committed to the organization and a purpose, principle or person outside themselves Success of any organization is due to both effective followership and effective leadership.

Program Details

Students can apply anytime they become interested in being a committee member. No interviews are required to become a committee member or to join the program. You will automatically be registered to participate in A Leader’s Legacy program. However, you can opt out of the program at any time, even while continuing to serve on the chosen committee.

If you do choose to participate, you will become part of a cohort of students dedicated to making UofL a better place for others through programming, policy change and simply sharing your own unique perspective. If interested in applying for a leadership position after you have completed A Leader’s Legacy, you are encouraged to take advantage of the C2L program to effectively prepare to be a strong and empowered leader on campus. Register for the C2L certification program.

  • Be an active participant/collaborator on a committee for at least one full semester or 15 weeks, including attending at least 5 (Five) meetings.
  • Attend TWO mentor meetings. Each participant will be assigned a mentor and a small cohort of other C2L participants to discuss lessons learned, ask questions and prepare for leadership roles of interest.
  • Attend at least ONE session of the Campus Contact Chat.
  • Attend at least ONE session of the Cardinal Continuum workshop series. Register for a session here.

What are the benefits to me to participate in this program?

  • Active involvement in a committee or other student group
  • Preparation to take on a campus leadership role
  • Guaranteed interview for ELSB, SAB, and/or SOAB position of interest
  • Profile in Leadership presented at spring recognition program

What committees can I serve on?

There are three boards that are direct branches of the Student Government Association:

Each board has several committees/roles they need assistance with. You can find out more about the committees on EngageUofL.