Fitness Class Descriptions

Butts & Guts: Exercises in this 45 minute toning class are dedicated to strengthening and tightening your abs and lower body! Using primarily bodyweight exercises, this workout will focus on training for your core, glutes, legs and lower back.

Cycling: Looking to torch calories? Look no further than this intense, cardiovascular workout. Our motivating instructors guide you through a structured ride to improve your fitness level, up your metabolism, and sharpen your mind-body connection. All students should arrive at least five minutes early to correctly set up their bike. Please bring water. All levels are welcome.

Sunrise Sweat: This 45 minute class will challenge and strengthen your whole body. The instructor uses dumbbells, tubing, calisthenics and stability balls for resistance to work all you muscle groups. The class is done to upbeat, fast-paced music that will leave you energized for the rest of your day.

Hard Core Abs: This 45 minute class focuses on strengthening the core muscles utilizing your own body weight, bands, stability balls and Bosu trainers. This class will be challenging for the novice athlete yet can be modified to challenge the well-conditioned athlete.

HIIT: This 45 minute class will use tabata and circuit style workouts consisting of high intensity cardiovascular exercises mixed in with total body strength training. The instructor will use, dumbbells, barbells, Bosu trainers, stability balls, jump ropes, resistance tubing, kettlebells, plyo boxes and body weight exercises. Bring your water bottle, a towel and be prepared to sweat.

Hip Hop Dance: This is a 1 hour fast-paced, high-energy dance class choreographed to today’s top hits using the latest dance moves. You’ll have so much fun you will forget you are exercising. 

Sunrise Yoga: Relax and distress with a class that is designed to ease tension in the body and mind as well as give you a jump start to your day. The class will focus on flexibility, strength and balance and welcomes all levels.

Power Yoga: This one hour yoga class flows continuously with great emphasis on linking together every movement to the breath. Power yoga builds strength, stamina, flexibility and tones the body. No need to bring anything to class except a positive attitude, mats are provided. 

Flow Yoga: This one hour yoga class focuses on basic poses, breathing and alignment and linking all three together in a fluid manner. Instructions will be given to go deeper into each posture but are optional so that all experience levels are welcome and will be accommodated.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga: This 1 hour yoga class flows continuously with great emphasis on linking together every movement to breath to build strength, stamina, flexibility and tone the body.



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