Engagement through Participation

That's our goal at the Department of Intramural Sports where we want you to be "engaged" with the campus community. Use your participation in intramural sports to make new friends, learn about others, develop leadership and organizational skills and relieve some stress. Students who participate in extra curricular activities help create a sense of ownership and belonging with the university. Students who make that "connection" with different activities, often have higher rates of retention and academic success because they enjoy the feeling of belonging they share with the university, so don't just play....get engaged!

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I M Leagues

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Intramural Schedule

How to Enter an Intramural Sports Event


Intramural Sports Schedule


Fall 2015Roster Due

Play Begins
Ultimate Frisbee LeagueSept. 1

Sept. 8
Ultimate Frisbee Tournament**
Sept. 1

Sept. 8
Canoe Regatta*$
Sept. 8

Sept. 13
Flag Football League**
Sept. 8

Sept. 14
Track Meet*
Sept. 8

Sept. 29
Sand Volleyball Tournament**Sept. 15

Sept. 18
Tennis Singles Tournament**Sept. 15

Sept. 29
Kickball Tournament (M)*
Sept. 22

Sept. 27
Badminton Tournament (S+D)**
Sept. 29

Oct. 5
Tug-O-War*Oct. 13

Oct. 22
Volleyball League**Oct. 13

Oct. 19
Indoor Soccer League
Oct. 13

Oct. 19
3-on-3 Basketball Tournament**Oct. 20

Oct. 26
Sports Trivia (M)*
Oct. 27

Nov. 4
Turkey Trot*Nov. 17

Nov. 23
Swim Meet*Nov. 17

Dec. 1
Bowling Doubles Tournament**$Nov. 17

Dec. 3

Spring 2016

Billiards Tournament (S, D)**Jan. 12

Jan. 19
Basketball League**
Jan. 12

Jan. 19
Graduate Basketball League
Jan. 12

Jan. 19
Floor Hockey League**Jan. 12

Jan. 19
Table Tennis Tournament (S, D)**Jan. 19

Jan. 25
Wallyball Tournament**
Feb. 9

Feb. 15
Soccer League **Feb. 23

Feb. 29
Team Handball League**
Mar. 1

Mar. 7
Racquetball Tournament**
Mar. 1

Mar. 7
Court Dodgeball Tournament**Mar. 22

Mar. 28
Golf Tournament (M)*
Mar. 29

Apr. 1
Tennis Doubles Tournement**Mar. 29

Apr. 2
Disc Golf Tournament (M)*
Apr. 5

Apr. 8
Putt-Putt Golf Tournament**$Apr. 5

Apr. 12
Bowling Singles Tournament**$Apr. 5

Apr. 14
IM Awards

Apr. 21


* Denotes events for All Campus Championship Points Race

** Denotes events for All Campus & Campus Division Points Race

(W) Denotes events for All Campus Championship Point Race in Women’s division only

(M) Denotes events for All Campus Championship Points Race in Men’s division only

$ Denotes events that require an entry fee due to facility and rental costs

IM HOTLINE: 852-0941

IM Website: louisville.edu/intramurals

Facebook: Louisville Intramurals

Twitter: ulintramurals

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