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UofL Study Abroad Program Types and Descriptions

University of Louisville Study Abroad Program Types and Descriptions:

UofL Sponsored 

These offerings include programs facilitated by UofL faculty and staff.  These programs are typically held during the summer, although some are available during winter and spring breaks.  Students earn UofL credit, pay tuition or program fees to UofL and register at UofL. 

This past year the following programs were offered through A&S:
    Brazil                          Panama
    China                          Portugal
    England                     Senegal
    South Korea            Trinidad and Tobago
    Northern Ireland
The following programs were offered through ISLP (International Service Learning Program):
    Belize                                Botswana
    Cebu, Philippines        Trinidad and Tobago

UofL Exchanges 

These offerings include university-wide or departmental exchanges.  Students pay UofL tuition and tuition is waived at the institution abroad.

    UofL – Sister Cities Montpellier Year-long
    UofL – Sister Cities Mainz Year-long
    UofL – Kansai Gaidai Year-long
A&S Exchanges:
    Shandong University
    University of Seoul
College of Business Exchanges:
    Audencia Business School (Nantes)         European Business School (Oesterich-Winkel)
    Bordeaux Business School                           The Hague University
    Beijing Foreign Studies University           Cornivus University of Budapest
    Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade        Kozminksi University in Warsaw
    Nankai University in Tiajin                        University of Applied Science, Munich

UofL Consortia 

Similar to the NCAA or Big East, UofL is part of regional collegiate groups that provide affordable education abroad programs for their members’ students.  Students pay no tuition at UofL while participating in these programs and earn transfer credit. 

UofL is a member of two consortia: KIIS and CCSA.

UofL Partner 

These offerings include select third-party provider programs and other internship/ service learning based programs, for which students earn transfer credit. Students participating in partner programs do not pay tuition at UofL while studying abroad.  Currently, UofL is partnered with 21 provider programs.


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