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International Students find housing to be very challenging, so be proactive!  There are two broad options for accommodation for international students: on-campus and off-campus. Undergraduate students tend to choose on-campus housing while most graduate students find apartments off-campus. On-campus housing is more convenient in that you can pay a lump sum amount including rent and utilities to the university (this often includes basic cable, internet, as well as electricity and water and sewage); most tenants in off-campus housing need to become customers with local companies and pay their own utility bills. International students can also apply for on-campus housing as soon as they have been offered admission by the university; in contrast, most off-campus apartment complexes and private house owners require you to pay a deposit and have good credit.

Based on national as well as institutional data indicating that students living on campus have higher success rates than their off-campus peers, the University of Louisville requires all first-year students to live on campus. A variety of traditional-, suite-, and apartment-style accommodations are available, and each varies in pricing. For more information about the first-year live-on policy or your first-year live-on options, visit www.louisville.edu/housing.

Prior to applying for housing, we encourage you to review all of our university’s housing options and policies by visiting www.louisville.edu/housing. For any additional questions or concerns, you are also welcome to contact Campus Housing by email (housing@louisville.edu), phone (502.852.6636), or online chat (uofl.me/housing-chat) prior to applying for housing.

The Fall Housing Application launches generally in November. To submit an application for housing, please follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Campus Housing webpage and select the “Apply for Housing” button. Follow the prompts to begin the Fall 2020-Spring 2021 Housing Application.
  2. Once you have submitted your application along with the one-time $100 housing application fee, you will receive an automated message confirming that your application is complete.
  3. During early Spring, you will receive an email to your UofL email account which will specify a day and time during which you may reserve your space. The sooner you submit your housing application, the earlier you will be able to select your room and roommates during the room selection period. More information on room and roommate selection will be provided soon, so monitor your UofL email! 

 For returning students, Housing Application Process is as follows: 

  1. The Fall  Housing Application opens around November. To apply for housing, please visit www.louisville.edu/housing and click the “Housing Portal” button.
  2. Enter your seven-digit student ID number and password. To create a new password, enter your seven-digit student ID number and click “Forgot Password.”
  3. Once you have submitted your application, you will receive an automated message confirming that your application is complete. Please note that since you have previously paid the one-time $100 housing application fee, you are not required to pay this fee again.
  4. Room and roommate selection will take place during a special “room selection” period in Spring. Campus Housing will inform you of the day and time during which you may select your room and roommate preferences. The earlier you submit your general housing application, the earlier you will be able to select your room during the room selection period.

Please be aware that when you sign a contract with Campus Housing, you are obligated to remain in the residence hall for the entirety of the license agreement. Most agreements cover a 9-month period (one academic year); however, Cardinal Towne and University Pointe have 11.5-month license agreements. If you have any questions about move-in dates and procedures, payment options, or any other issues, please contact Campus Housing before applying for housing.

* The ISSS office does not promote any off-campus housing options. Please talk with our housing office before signing any housing contract (including those not affiliated with UofL as you may need help understanding the contract).



Every lease/contract is different so you should read everything. Ask plenty of questions before you sign, and once you feel comfortable,  sign the agreement. You can contact the ISSS office if you have any concerns or need clarification on something. It’s okay to not understand everything. Do not sign a contract if you do not feel secure.

Campus housing communicates mostly through emails with information about its processes, forms, and important dates. Please, do not ignore the emails. You can miss the opportunity to either live or continue living in your current room or have other issues arise if you are not diligent.

There may be room for negotiations or to shorten the length of the lease, so if any changes are agreed upon, get them in writing before agreeing/signing.

You have rights as a tenant. If for whatever reason you feel your rights are being violated you can reach out to the Kentucky Attorney General’s Office for help if you decide to live off-campus

How will Housing Contact Me? 

Email is the fastest and most commonly used way to communicate at UofL. Check your email frequently.

a. You will get many emails from different offices, departments, programs, classes, and/or events on campus and the community. Please take the time to read them carefully. These may be important emails that need your immediate attention.

b. If you do not understand the meaning/language/concepts, do not hesitate to ask for clarification from the sender. You can also contact the ISSS office by email at isss@louisville.edu to assist with clarification.

If you prefer, you are also welcome to call the ISSS office at (502) 852-6604.

 Short-Term/Temporary Housing

If you have applied for university housing and arrive before the check-in date, which is normally the weekend before classes start, you are required to request early arrival and will be charged an additional charge per night.  If you have received your assignment in University housing, contact housing to schedule your arrival date. If you have reserved space in one of the affiliated properties, please contact them directly regarding your check-in upon arrival.

If you plan to live off-campus but need a place to stay while you are searching for an apartment or a permanent residence, the university can provide you with temporary housing for a short time, usually located on the downtown HSC campus. The cost per night is added to your financial account, and is provided on a first-come, first-serve basis; therefore, it is important that you apply early by emailing the housing office.  Receiving a response might take up to 14 days.