Reporting Requirments and 90 Days of Unemployment

Reporting Requirements

  • Within 10 business days of any change of employment, address, phone number, or email you will notify the ISSS office
    • For address, phone, or email changes please update your ULink account. You will have access to ULink even upon graduation. Send an email to Thomas Beard at to notify him of the update
    • For employment changes please either fill out the personal and employment information form or notify Thomas Beard via email. Please include the following items in the email:
      • Employer('s) name
      • Employer('s) address
      • Supervisor’s name, email and phone number
      • Job Title(s)
      • Company’s EIN Number
      • Start and/or end dates of employment
      • Any periods of unemployment
      • Date of exiting the U.S. (You must provide date of exit if you decide to exit the U.S and complete your OPT status prior to the end date of your OPT)
      • If your visa status changes while on OPT

 90 days of Unemployment

  • Students on post-completion OPT are only allowed a total of 90 days of unemployment. This can be broken up during your one year period however you may need it.
    • Unemployment time is counted each day during the OPT dates indicated on the EAD.
    • Students who have OPT extended due to the cap gap provisions continue to accrue unemployment time and are subject to the 90-day limitation on unemployment.
    • If you have a job offer that begins more than 90 days after your OPT begins, you will exceed your allowable unemployment time. Receiving a job offer within the 90 days is not sufficient, you must be employed in one of the employment types listed above.
    • If you travel outside of the United States while unemployed, the time spent outside the United States will count as unemployment against the 90 day limit.
    • Permanently leaving the U.S. without notifying ISSS office result in the accidental accrual of unemployment. For this reason, you must contact the ISSS office if you decide to abandon your OPT.
    • If you travel abroad while employed either during a period of leave authorized by an employer or as part of your employment, the time spent outside the United States will not count as unemployment.
    • If you exceed the allowable period of unemployment while on post-completion OPT, you are considered to have violated your status.